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I'm looking to moving to Brighton. I was wondering if anyone knew what motorcycle theft is like in Brighton?

Also, in terms of job hunting, does anyone know the best agencies in the area?


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Not sure, but parking for cars is a nightmare and they do seem to get damaged.

However, my sister lives there, Brighton suffers from an inconvenient combination of London living costs and provincial town wages and job prospects. She is unique amongst all her friends in earning more than £12-13k, and that is only because she happens to have a high-skill, multi-lingual job in a travel company. Might be worth bearing in mind.
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Dusty Springfield is very popular amongst some Brighton residents, I understand, so perhaps biking leathers may also attract a certain type of person.
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Slight thread creep, sorry. When I worked in Selfridges in London in the late 50s there were ladies who commuted up from Brighton daily to work there and obviously found it worth their while! How times change
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Lived in Brighton for a couple of years, left some six years ago.

Always a tough town but fun. Property was dirt cheap (yes really) and it was a fun place to live.

Now really gone down. Every drug addict in Europe seems to have turned up looking for a hand out. Accommodation costs sky high, crime off the chart, motorcycle won't last 5 minutes unless garaged with an artic parked in front to block access.

A lot of the artists have decamped to Eastbourne looking for cheaper rents. Not gods waiting room like it used to be. Might be an idea?
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crime is crime, regardles of what measures are in place there is always someone out there that will want to take what aint theirs, be it where ever you live in the world

i work at gatwick airport and a lot of the blokes who work with me live in brighton. none of them ever have had problems with crime and theft, apart from the odd scrap now and again after a night out. pay in brighton is not fantastic and and rent/ buying is quite high. gatwick is 15-20 mins from brighton and is one straight road to get there so maybe look for work there, and the pay is pretty good.

garage the bike or put the best lock you can buy on it, thats all you can really do.
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there is however a bar that does fabulous moules and frittes and over two hundred belgian beers, including sexy girls and quak.

and as the famous line goes, only Q's and Steers come from Brighton, which one are you boy.
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Yes Brighton was & i think still is an up & coming place after it was given City status, but yes as written above crime in the dark hours is pretty bad, if you own a motorbike i'd suggest you'd keep it in a locked garage as well as alarmed.
Employment prospects are good but it doesn't quite have the London wages.
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
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Sea air good for humans, bad for cars.

Can't comment on crime rate because I've never lived there. My youngest daughter went to university there and liked it. My sister used to live there and liked it. Some of my wife's relations have a flat there and like it.

I went as a journalist to a Labour Party conference there in the early eighties. That was quite fun, as there was a lot of pressure from the left on poor Neil Kinnock. God how those politicians put the whisky away. Made me feel quite inferior.

Said to be popular with gays, and used to be a hotbed of Trotskyists as well as full of fascist toerags.

Can't stand the place myself, never could work out why, just don't like it.
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live just up the road in burgess hill ,like lud can't stand the place with the traffic wardens and the new bus lanes absolute nightmare for parking and the wardens hide round the corner and nick anything just to keep there figures up.
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Thanks for your posts.

I think salary will be lower, but that doesn't affect me too much as I will live with parents hence rent is quite reasonable. Plus the cooked!

I currently work in Finance for the Local Authority, and I want to move in two years or so, study and then get back into work. I just don't want to find I will be frictionally unemployed for too long. But I want to be prepared so I have everything set out properly.

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Best of luck with it all Greg!!
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Parking in Brighton & Employment - Greg R
Thanks for that Frazerjp. I hope to do a course in something I want to do...a more vocational course in motor mechanics for a year.

I know it isn't going to give me a high powered job or anything, but I think it is worth doing something I want to do really!

I then plan to possibly temp and find employment with a respectable firm that will offer good job prospects, an interesting role and high levels of training. Also, I want to use and enhance my current skills further.

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Best of luck in your hunt for a job - If you are working in a job for fourty or fifty years you need to be doing something you enjoy or life will be pretty awful.
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I have though more, and having some good A levels would like to go back to University.

Ultimately, I would like to get into Sussex University, but I will need to take some further A levels and do some retakes during the year.

I would love to read a subject like Economics, but I understand there is a lot of advanced maths to learn and understand. My maths skills are very mediocre. Has anyone got any suggestions of some amazingly organised and clear maths books I can buy to get into this field. Ultimately, strong maths skills would help me gain the very best employment opportunities. Has anyone ever studied Economics at Uni level, and give advice on where I can books that tell me what I might expect? Or even websites?

I studied Economics at A level, and achieved a grade A after lots and lots of revision. Must admit it is a harder paper now than the ones I looked at that are from the 80's!

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Dusty Springfield is very popular amongst some Brighton residents

"Was"I think is the more appropiate word.
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I did engineering at university, and found a pair of maths books by a guy called Stroud were brilliant.

They verge on patronising at times, but they are refreshingly free from the 'and so obviously...' phrase that that normally plagues such texts and allows the working to skip 30 steps.

I, and most of my contemporaries, found them excellent. They have a definite Engineering slant tho, which may or may not be useful.


(Both are links for the texts for sale on Amazon UK).

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>"Was"I think is the more appropiate word.

Dusty's true fans wouldn't let her sad death get in the way of their love for her.,,1942438,
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And looking at IT careers as an IT engineer, it is clear that one needs to have a qualification in either of the below.
CompTIA Network+ Certification;
Certified Novell Engineer (CNE);
City & Guilds Higher Professional Diploma in Information Management Using ICT or IT Practitioners Level 4;
OCR (iPRO) Higher Level award for IT Professionals (ICT Systems Support) Level 4.

Which one would provide the best chances in the employment arena?
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This thread is distinctly non-motoring.........i'm sure the motorcycle theft thing was just a ruse to allow a life/job query

try posting on


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