Citroen C5 CAMBELT Query!! - LongTallHowie
I have a Citroen C5 2.2 HDI 2001 Manual 74000 miles, I am sure i read somewhere that the cambelt needs changing at 100000 miles or 5 years whatever comes first, but i have called five different Citroen dealers and some said it doesn't matter about the time scale but should be changed at 100000 miles, some said it was 100000 miles or 10 years on the HDI engine and another one said best to have it changed now plus tensioners at 74000 miles. What do i do?? If the dealers don't know what chance have i got?? Please Help!! Thanks.....
Citroen C5 HDI Cambelt query!! - grafen
I think if it was me, I'd get the job done now.
Citroen C5 CAMBELT Query!! - GregBlack
I have a 2000 X 406 HDI 2.0 so I guess they are similar. The recommended timing belt change is 96000 miles. My trusted independent advises to change it one service earlier than that at 84000. Sounds eminently sensible to me. Peace of mind and spreads the cost of servicing a bit (the 96K would normally be a lot more than the 84K).
Citroen C5 CAMBELT Query!! - TimOrridge
Common sense comes in the equation here personally. 74K and 5 years on original cambelt is a disaster waiting to happen. I would change it as ASAP..
Citroen C5 CAMBELT Query!! - happytorque
Citroen state that the required change interval is 10 years or 100,000 miles.
This is for the 1998 to 2004 years model.
Mine has done 45,000 miles and i asked my dealer to change it. They said i was wasting my time and didnt want to do it....said they have NEVER had one snap and I would be wasting my money.
Citroen C5 CAMBELT Query!! - PhilW
Is this a very similar Q to one on "Discussion"?? {It is, but now removed to prevent repetiveness of answers - DD}
Here's a similar reply!!
Our 2000 reg Xantia HDi handbook says every 100,000 miles. We got it done at 72,000 - car was 5 years old. Better safe than sorry, and since it is unlikely to need doing twice on a car (will you still have the car at 150k or 200k?) you might as well get it done early. If ours is still going strong at 144k it will deserve another cambelt - though I suspect the cost would be more than the value of the car.



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