Range Rover MOT - missing bump stop - pvmw
Quick question of the collective mind if I may.

Ancient and venerable Range Rover MOT is on Sat., and during my annual crawl around to make sure nothing has dropped off, and.....
...one of the rear axle bump stops has!!

A very simple question, is such a thing an MOT failure point??
RR MOT - cheddar
Not sure, though if you take the other one off and spray a bit of muck around where they came from the tester may well not notice.
Yes. When I saw the subject header, I was hoping you had a Rolls Royce. {Now amended to avoid that mistake in future, and for anyone using the forum search to look specifically for a Range Rover query - DD}

RR MOT - Number_Cruncher
It should not fail the MOT because of a missing bump-stop. However, you would be well advised to sort it out, because the damage bump stops prevent would be much more expensive than the cost of fitting the bump-stop itself.

However, Cheddar's advice about how not to attract the tester's attention, and get your 12 month ticket is sound.

RR MOT - yorkiebar
A missing bump stop rubber is not reason for failure !

But removing the other 1 will raise more attention imo than leaving it as is. Tester will begin to investigate why they have been removed, or has weak suspension moved them etc. weak suspension is a reason for failure.
RR MOT - mike hannon
I'm sure my Rover 3500 P6B once failed an MOT because of a broken-off rear bump stop. It must have been about 7 or 8 years ago though.
RR MOT - Red Baron
No. Not a failure. My Alfa has had one detached and one completely missing for a few years now.
RR MOT - Cliff Pope
Buy a new one, leave it in the car, and draw it to his attention saying you are just about to fit it. He will be impressed by your conscientiousness. Anything that puts him in the frame of mind for seeing you as a caring owner tends to stand you in good stead if he finds anything else that is a bit marginal.

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