Buying Rover 200 - LinuxGeek
I've seen a fairly cheap V plate Rover 200 1.6 Auto for my brother. He's looking for a small family car. We've got no experience of Rover cars so just wondering how reliable and economical these cars are. Are there any known issues? Shall we look elsewhere or is it worth trying?
Buying Rover 200 - Xileno {P}
Look elsewhere.
Buying Rover 200 - peterb
It's an OK car, but there are plenty of other cars about that are as or more reliable.

More importantly, for most other cars, because the manufacturers still exist, the availability of parts is better and the chances of resale (when required) significantly better.
Buying Rover 200 - Gromit {P}
The question of buying Rovers has been debated several times here since Rover ran into difficulty. The concensus is as Peter and Xileno have said above: the cars are OK, but the risk that parts will be scare, you'd be better off with something else.

To which I'd add, you may be content that your local garage can keep a Rover running, but bear in mind that if you intend taking it on a touring holiday, chances are no garage in Ireland, France, Germany etc. will be able to do much for you if it breaks down. Something as simple as a broken window could leave you quite stuck...
Buying Rover 200 - Armitage Shanks {p}
How much is fairly cheap? Under £500
Buying Rover 200 - LinuxGeek
Its advertised for £595. Its got one year MOT and I haven't driven the car but I've seen it and from outside and inside it looks as if its been looked after well. Its done only 31k miles. How's Rovers auto gearboxes?
Buying Rover 200 - yorkiebar
Not bad cars, under rated really.

But........ no dealer back up now, can be written off quickly with low value damage because parts not available.

Be careful if you are not diy capable is my best advice.
Buying Rover 200 - R40
Be careful who you listen to on here ;) Parts for the 200 are available via XPart, as is servicing using their service centres.

And if you do take a trip to Europe then it isn't ther enmd of civilisation as we know it (despite what soem say lol) they do have Rover dealers and you can get parts.

hth :)
Buying Rover 200 - R40
will learn to spell honest! doh
Buying Rover 200 - Collos25
Where are the dealers in Germany I know of one in the Dresden area that has a bucket load of 75's but very few spares and the list of spares given to the above named supplier half are on back order.
I will agree at £500 if its ok its as good or as bad as any other motor of that ilk if it was me personally parts supply would not put me of buying one if thats what I wanted.
Buying Rover 200 - stunorthants
As much as Im a supporter of Rover in general, id say take a miss on the auto - the CVT is a nasty piece of work and horrible to drive.
Much better to find one of the previous generation 216 autos with the Honda engine/gearbox. They are exceptionally reliable compared to other Rovers.
Buying Rover 200 - Micky
From a dealer? If so, offer £300 but don't move up. Private sale? Make sure everything works and offer £200. When the gearbox goes bang you can throw it away.

If your brother is looking for a small auto then buy Japanese. But I doubt if you'll get anything reasonable offered for £595.
Buying Rover 200 - LinuxGeek
He's not really after an Auto car, he just wants a cheap good looking car at around a grand. We're not keen on Rovers but I saw this one on my way home from work so we got interested. My brother is fairly good with DIY, he's studied car fixing in college for a year so he can fix minor faults.
We're going to look at it this afternoon and would advise you guys what happened or why its so cheap.
Buying Rover 200 - Micky
If you don't need an auto, don't buy an auto. Have a look at Autotrader and ebay for lots of cars.

Cheap, good looking car for 1K? Mmmmmmmm, let me think ...... a Mondeo!! Or an elderly Land Rover, that'll keep him busy ;-)
Buying Rover 200 - DP
A chap at work has just spent £5,000 on a Rover 75..... 1.8 K-series...... Auto....

To be fair, it's a nice car in a leather and walnut wafty kind of way, but in light of that, £500 for a V reg 200 seems pretty low risk.

Parts are not a problem unless it's something obscure.

Buying Rover 200 - lucklesspedestrian
The other thing to be aware of is that the Rover 200 is absolutely tiny in the back, so if he really wants it for a 'family' car then unless the family are oompaloompas then stay away!
Buying Rover 200 - Hugo {P}
£500 for a decent V reg car with 31k????

If he can get it cheap - go for it. At 31K I doubt that box is going to cause him probs just yet. I worked at a company that used to allow employees to buy /lease them at discounted prices. I never heard of the boxes being a particular problem.

Agreed there are other cars out there but I doubt that you would get a similar mileage V reg Almera auto for that price, unless it was really hanging.
Buying Rover 200 - jase1
People go on about parts problems with Rovers but bear in mind that by the time parts become a real bad issue the car will probably be ready to be scrapped anyway.

If it's a 99 car for that money I'd certainly go for it. That's sub-Hyundai money, and I see no evidence that Rovers are any more or less reliable than anything else European, and they're still loosely based on Hondas so, engine aside, they're fairly robust.

There are so many out there that parts won't be an issue for years to come -- just go to the scrappies if you have any problems.

Of course you could buy an L-reg Fiesta for the same money... hmmm.

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