Grandis/Avensis Verso - Comments Please - Granny
Due to the birth of my 3rd in January we are looking for a 7 seater to replace the Mondeo.

After much debate we have come up with a shortlist of 2. I know very short but I want japanese for the reliability and good spec.

Avensis Verso

I have £12k max to spend so petrol Grandis only but can go for either on Verso.

Grandis will be 2004/04 Verso 02/03, Grandis slightly better spec but worst depreciation.

Anyone owned any of these or have any comments.

Grandis/Avensis Verso - Comments Please - Brit_in_Germany
We have a four year old Avensis Verso 2.0, 70 000 km and are very satisfied. The only problem we have had from new was the a/c packing up and needing a complete rebuild. The dealer appeared to have the honest impression that this was very unusual and I was inclined to believe him. Suprisingly economical - averaging around 9l/100km, with this Summer's trip to UK from S. Germany and back averaging 8.5l. With all 7 seats in use, not much room in the back for luggage but there is a lower storage bin in the rear which does add a substantial extra volume.


Grandis/Avensis Verso - Comments Please - ukmpvman
I have a Diesel Grandis 21,000 miles in 11 months very pleased so far on reliability and it is better than the Toyota on looks and ride and if you go for the Equippe model it has all the extras, The third row of seats can be folded into the floor.

My local Mitsubishi dealer in Weston super Mare has been selling Petrol 05 models for £12k with low miles.
Grandis/Avensis Verso - Comments Please - Granny
Thanks for replies especially from an owner.

Went to look at weekend, Avensis Verso at dealer, 51 reg petrol GS for 10.5k, 42k on the clock. Very basic, lots of space but just DULL as well as overpriced.

Went to see 05 Grandis Classic, £11.5k with 12k miles, very nice with good spec even for the base model and still 18 months warranty left. Deffo favourite and the wife liked it as well.

Only problem is trading in my Mondeo Zetec estate with 86k miles, I feel I will get shafted on it.

Value my car