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What electric or hybrid car should I buy for £10,000?

I don't have a car and need to buy one. I would like an electric or hybrid car, an automatic, it has to have easy access because I have a bad back. I will be driving to France soon so I'm not sure about the charging points there. I could spend up to £10,000 but obviously would prefer less!

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A self-charging hybrid makes the most sense for distance driving. A plug-in hybrid makes the most sense for daily short runs and occasional longer distance driving. An EV purely electric car makes the most sense for short run and city driving. Trouble is, new ones are all expensive, taxi drivers have pounced on self-charging and plug-in hybrids, so used prices are up and £10,000 doesn't get very much. A Renault Zoe or Nissan leaf with a leased battery, or maybe one with a depleted battery, maybe a Prius Mk II, Chevrolet Volt or Vauxhall Ampera. There's more choice among older Honda Jazz or Civic and Toyota Prius/Auris self-charging hybrids.
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