2000 passat air con?? - ssray
Its a 2000 1.8 20v sport auto estate-we have only had it about a week and the air con/fans arnt coming on? is this a normal fault with these and is there anything i can do? or is it a dealer only fault?.
Thanks Ray
2000 passat air con?? - jonah1
its common for the electric fans to pack up, they are easey to test. you should really get the pressures checked aswell tho.
2000 passat air con?? - v8man
Try the simple stuff first before replacing expensive components.
Have you checked the fuses for the fans and the elctrical connections?
You can check to see if the air-con is working by looking at the compressor clutch to see if it is cutting in and out.
"Nothing less than 8 cylinders will do"
2000 passat air con?? - v8man
Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the fuse and connections to the compressor.
"Nothing less than 8 cylinders will do"
2000 passat air con?? - rtj70
Did the aircon work when you first got the car a week ago? I assume thisw was all checked and working (blowing cold air) before you purchased the vehicle?

Knowing it's just gone might make it easier for someone to help you diagnose the fault.
2000 passat air con?? - Alec
The electric cooling fan should turn on when the climate is turned on.
Does the climate control product cold air ?
If so then it's probably just the fan that is duff.
The fan is cabled back to the connector panel just beside the power steering reservoir.
Look for the connector with the thick black and red wires.
Use a meter to check the resistance if the fan motor. If it's open then the motor is duff.
Use a meter to look for 12v being supplied from the socket. If there is not 12v then the aircon may have sufficient pressure.


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