206 v Punto - y2k+4
My housemate has recently decided she wants a car. Unusually for a lady, she know's cars by name, and has decided that for her budget of £2,500 she'd probably like to purchase either a Pug 206 or FIAT Punto, circa 2000/2001. This decision has been based upon her budget and the look of cars in her budget. She would consider a Clio (at a push), but not a Corsa, Micra or a Fiesta. Polo's she can afford are too old, and she's not keen on the Fabia. Which is she best looking at, considering she's only 19? (Low insurance, reliability, etc etc) And are there any others she should consider?
206 v Punto - Armitage Shanks {p}
Is the £2500 budget for the car alone or for the car and insurance? If the latter ,she will be looking at a £1500 to £2000 car.
206 v Punto - local yokel
Tell her to spend £999 or less. £2,500 is a terrible sum to spend - loads of hacked dogs that could cost her plenty at any moment - at £999 she'll get something just as good with an older plate. If it does die on her she can just about affors to bin it, if a £2.5 k car goes soft she's forced to pump good money after bad to protect her investment.

For her money it has to be the best 205 she can find. There are still some little old lady examples around, handle well, and still quite smart to look at. She should find one of those at £600 odd. The she can afford her insurance, which will be £800+ if she has no NCB.
206 v Punto - bell boy
fiat on this age is on the borderline of dont buy it .
Reasons are the electrical power steering may well be getting to the end of its useable life and so may well the unreliable ecu
pewgot 206 on this year is just into the complicated can bus way of running the electrics and this was one of the cars that were the guinee pigs,i would not buy one on this changeover year

What would i buy? a 'y' reg fiesta with aircon and quickclear windscreen circa 60,000 fsh and either the pushrod or zetec engine as they are both good in my opinion,obviously must have power steering (some still didnt)

i know she has rejected this car but i look at longer term ownership and this car will hold value well and can be serviced by monkeys at banana prices
206 v Punto - y2k+4
She has the arangement with her Dad that as long as she gets a reasonably cheap insurable car then he'll pay for it...so it's £2,500 for the car. What's wrong with the 206 at this point?
206 v Punto - Sprice
Seat Ibiza, Toyota Yaris (they do hold value tho!), Mitsubishi Colt. The Yaris and Colt are much better (built and more reliable) than a 206 or Punto.
206 v Punto - y2k+4
Fabia is apparently on the list. Having driven by a garage this afternoon she went "What's that?" I said "A Skoda Fabia" - "oh I thought they were more boxy than that" she said. Bless. She likes now. Would a 2001 X for £2,800 1.4 16v Comfort be about right, and would it likely be more reliable than the 206 or Punto?
206 v Punto - GenevaJohn
Don't get the punto - trust the customer satisfaction surveys - that's my two-penneth worth
206 v Punto - Gromit {P}
Is the Fabia a better buy than a 206 or Punto? Yes. If I was in the market for a supermini, a Fabia would be top of my shopping list.

I say this comparing my Punto, my brother's Punto and his girlfriend's 206 against my father's '97 Skoda Felicia and '03 Octavia.

My '99 Mk1 Punto has had a headgasket replacement and new water pump in 70,000 miles. His '00 Mk2 Punto had a failed wiper assembly, clutch judder and was showing signs of headgasket failure when traded in at 60,000. The '99 206's litany of breakdowns - several of which left its owner at the roadside - ended with a clutch failure at 50,000 after which it was traded in.

The Felicia needed a fuel pump at 80,000 and the Octavia is faultless at 30,000. The Felicia's bodywork and interior were in as good condition when it was traded for the Octavia as when it was bought (at 1 year old), whereas the '99 Punto is beginning to look tired.

At that age, the 1.4 16v engine gives the best performance of all the Fabia petrols. But watch out that the pulley is replaced with the cambelt when its time for a change (see the car-by-car-breakdown for details). And Skoda dealers generally helpful should you have occasion to do business with them.
206 v Punto - RichardW
The 206 has quite badly offset pedals in a small foot well - and the wipers are back to front. A colleague's wife has a 1.4, and although she seems to like it he doesn't - mostly because of the pedals. The few times I've been in it, I noticed quite a lot of road noise.

None of the above necessarily a reason not to buy one!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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