Honda civic 1.5i - metso
Okay firstly thank you to the posters who responded to the rover 25 52' topic,

I'm now reduced my search down to a Honda civic 1.5i 2 door hatchback....

here is my reasoning....
Honda: good brand with low depreaciation
1.5i (lower insurance group)
2 door (looks more sporty than 4 door and plus there is only myself and my g/friend)
having had a look on a very popular auto website i've seen quite a few with not bad mileage and FSH,

what sort of things should I be looking out for if I were to get this car?

and any other suggestions for a similar car?
thank you for your suggestions..
Honda civic 1.5i - GregSwain
The only thing I can think of is service history to be honest (including the cambelt comment I posted in the other thread). Looking at the CBC section, there weren't any big issues - the only thing that gets mentioned is the heater switch....perhaps not the greatest worry in the world.

Bearing in mind you want one size down from an Almera, try also looking for an old-model Mitsubishi Colt like this one:

For £3k, you'd get a 51-reg 1.3 litre (75bhp) with lowish mileage (insurance group 5).
Honda civic 1.5i - George Porge
Go and drive one, you would'nt pay £30 for a pair of shoes without trying them on first would you?
Honda civic 1.5i - metso
I have driven one, My mother has one, and it's an ideal car....
Honda civic 1.5i - Sprice
These will have the VTEC engine, so look for the usual evidence of regular servicing, cambelt etc. Great cars, even have economy lights so you can drive errr, economically! The 3 door (not 2 door as you call it!) is the Japan version, as opposed to the 5 door UK built version, and might be a higher insurance group.

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