Partner van, getting to glow plugs - womble30

I've just managed to change my glow plugs on the peugeot partner van, 1.9 XUD, S reg.
But I didn't manage to remove the air inlet housing above the plugs, I had to struggle underneath it. Although I did manage to lift it up higher and prop it up.
How are you supposed to get it off?
The main problem seemed to be the metal stainless pipe coming from the rear of the engine, from underneath the metal air inlet manifold, it plugs into the left hand side of the plastic chamber in front of the air distribution housing. I couldn't release that chamber from the housing either, although it turned easily enough on it, I guess if I could have taken the two apart, that would have solved my problem.
I've just got the Haynes manual this morning, which is about as much use as a chocolate T-pot.

Its annoying me now, that I couldn't get it off.

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