406 HDI clutch? judder - Neil Mallory
The car is a 2.0l HDI 406 diesel with 160k on the clock reg 2001.

I'm getting clutch judder when starting off, needs about 2000 rpm to eliminate it.
Also when accelerating/braking the gear lever moves but not out of gear.

I'm assuming that this is probably worn engine mounts rather than the clutch.

Is there any one in particular that is prone to wear. Is this a common problem with 406's.
How difficult are they to replace?

As far as I know the car has done mainly motorway miles so I thought the clutch should be OK.

406 HDI clutch? judder - Collos25
I think you will find it more likely that the clutch is on its way out, 160K on an HDi clutch is pretty good.
406 HDI clutch? judder - RichardW
I agree here. Clutch judder can only be caused by the clutch. Granted, a soggy engine mount can make it worse, but the judder starts with the clutch. It could be oil contaminated (either crank seal or gearbox input seal, or some of the springs in the friction plate are worn out / broken). I would however check the state of the bottom engine mount under and behind the engine, these go soft with age / exposure to oil and can cause the engine to rock backwards and forwards, which probably accounts for the gear stick wobbling about. Hopefully this is a 90BHP model - then I don't think it will have a dual mass flywheel, making clutch replacement cheaper.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
406 HDI clutch? judder - Mike M
Neil - Have a look at the condition of the rear mounting at the back of the engine. I had the same problem and found that the inner and outer had cracked. cost about £15 for a new one. See my www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=32774 for details. Hope this helps.

Mike M

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