Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - Anglesey Ian
Other posts here have worried me now that my trusty Saab 93 TiD is rapidly ageing and increasing in miles. I sense heavy maintainance and repair costs looming.

Plan A was to peg the mileage on the Saab over the summer by buying a used MX5 for the summer months and have a ball in that but family circs prevented this. There's always 2007 !

Plan B now is to buy a sensible and dependable new (or nearly new )car and research would suggest a Mazda 3 will suit my current lifestyle and employment needs admirably.and I note that a Special edition called the Katano is available: 1.6 petrol RRP £12995

I have been for a test drive in one today and, although it didn't raise my pulse rate or set me on a tryst with fantasy, it did everything competently and efficiently. (Perry's in Preston have these for £1000 less than the RRP and my local dealer would only budge a "few hundred pounds"). This dealer price appears to be excellent.

My question is, has anybody any comments to make about their experiences in one of these. All comments gratefully received and thanks inadvance.

Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - Dude - {P}
My daughter runs a Mazda 3 TS model bought new in 2004 and has covered 24k miles without a single problem. Build quality appears to be excellent as there is not a single rattle or squeak and the oil level never drops between oil changes. Only faults I can raise is that the steering is a little dead in the straight ahead position and the seats could do with more lumber support, - otherwise an excellent car that can be thoroughly recommended.
Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - DavidHM
For the same money you could buy an 06 plate Focus Sport tdci and with the change an early (1992ish) MX5...
Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - Anglesey Ian
Thanks for that Dude. The road tests that I have read (inc HJ's) confirm your daughter's experience

David: I am told that the Mazda 3 shares a chassis with the Focus and I have to say you have a point in your logic. I just lust heavily after an MX5. I'll research further. Thank you

Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - daiking
me! me! me! - Bought a new one, facelift 1.6TS in August, done 2.5K without any problems. Done 35mpg so far in mixed driving (urban/stop-start motorway), still running in.

It ticked my boxes for style, kit, drive and price. In the end it was a straight choice between the Focus and the 3 but the ford dealer was a tool, focuses are so common and the interior looked pale and cheap on the lower spec focus.

The only quibble is that I'm struggling to find an ideal driving position on long journeys. I don't make them too often and I'm sure I'll settle on something. Its not really something you find out on a test drive but I've also struggled to be comfortable in new civics and passats compared to my old mk2 ibiza. Oh, and its silver, a bit dull but I needed a car that was in stock and the new face lift colours are not as nice as the original one (IMHO).

I got mine from RRG in Stockport, they beat the what car price ;-) and put half the cost on 0% finance so no complaints there.

If there's anything specific you'd like to know, just ask.
Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - peterb
Some friends have just got one and love it to bits.
Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - Honestjohn
Mazda has gradually improved the driving experience over the years so it is now more Focus like. Test at:

(Added later: Driving the new Mazda3 MPS Tuesday/Wednesday.)


Any Mazda 3 drivers in Backroomland ? - lordwoody
I read once that Mazdas have the highest rate of repeat buyers, ie once they've bought one they usually buy another. Don't be put off your Saab ownership by a thread full of curmudgeonly doom-merchants however, any thread on here relating to the ownership problems of any make will attract them.

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