Performance Diesel - Grease_monkey
I've been using Shell Diesel Extra in my Golf MK5 TDi 1.9 since i brought it. If i started using BP Ultimate Diesel would i see an even better performance/fuel burn. Is there any technical differences between the two different brands that make the one better than the other. Peoples first hand impressions after using it would be useful or is these fuel just hype?
Performance Diesel - mr.freezer
After flying up the M6 for 200 miles I filled up with posh diesel and the car felt quicker on the final 100 miles or so home.

I've also filled up with posh diesel and ground around town a lot with a little bit of motorway driving included and felt no difference

I think its a bit of a con but don't pay for my fuel
Performance Diesel - cheddar
I find that Beautiful People diesel and Snooty Haughty Elegant Lords & Ladies diesel both do what they say on the tin.
Performance Diesel - mr.freezer
I maybe have a more socialist style driving technique !
Performance Diesel - David Horn
Found sod all difference apart from a lighter wallet.
Performance Diesel - the_bandit
I have also used Shell Diesel Extra in my 1.9TDi Galaxy (with the VW 115PD engine) since I bought from new nearly three years ago.

For a short period of time I tried BP Ultimate (about 5 tankfulls) and noticed nothing different at all. Same performance and same good old diesel noise. Like others though, did notice the extra it was costing!

On the rare occassions I have had to use supermarket diesel never has there been such a noticable difference. MPG is reduced by about 4-5MPG so I avoid it wherever possible.
Performance Diesel - barchettaman
What does make a difference is having your Tdi chipped.
My Dad´s clattery old mondeo (115hp) was transformed (approx 145bhp).
Lots of fun on the Autobahn. 4000rpm = indicated 200kmh.
Performance Diesel - Murphy The Cat
What does make a difference is having your Tdi chipped.
My Dad´s clattery old mondeo (115hp) was transformed (approx 145bhp).
Lots of fun on the Autobahn. 4000rpm = indicated 200kmh.

Chipped as in attaching a cigarette box sized box (£200 ish), or chipped as in total remap etc, etc (lots of dabbers) ?

Performance Diesel - barchettaman
Total remap I think MTC, as took the guy about 3 hours.
Apparently the 130bhp Mondeo is easier (read-faster) to chip though.

It´s certainly made a difference. Before, not much happened performance-wise ever, now when you hit about 2400RPM the thing goes with a proper diesel-ly kick.

Dad´s pretty chuffed about the remap as it has improved the car so much on the autobahn/route, which is where it gets the most use. They have a Fabia vRS for everyday charging around the country lanes - I´m trying to persuade him to chip that too, but apparently it can render it almost undriveable (170bhp+fwd=hmm).

All in all an expensive (?599) but satisfying modification. Much more use than any of the daft things I did to the Barchetta...
Performance Diesel - quizman
I usually use Shell extra diesel in my Passat 130 TDI and am very pleased with it. I have tried BP Ultimate a couple of times at great expence, and I have not noticed any difference.
If I were you I would continue to use the Shell. I filled up the wife's Focus with Shell extra today in Derby at 89.9p per litre.
Performance Diesel - Grease_monkey
Filled my golf up at Shell in West Bromwich this evening 89.9 there too. When i brought the golf the dealer told me to avoid supermarket diesel at all costs.
Performance Diesel - rtj70
I collect Tesco Clubcard points, drive a company vehicle and the local Tesco Extra normally the cheapest local place for diesel. But come to think of it, could two failed EGR valves be related to use of supermarket diesel. I don't think so but you've got me wondering.
Performance Diesel - PaulFromMelton
Ultimate Diesel makes our creaking old 405 spring back into life. Replacing the tired old KKK with a recon Garrett turbo, increasing boost compensation and increasing presure a touch seemed to make it feel a touch younger.

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