Ford Focus, is it ABS, what revision ? - Witty
I've just bought a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2001 (51) reg.
Besides getting up to speed and slamming the brakes on is there a simple way to determine if it has ABS or not.
Also on the pricing guide there are two verions for this reg a 1.6 zetec and a 1.6 (revised 2001) zetec. What is 'revised' and how do I determine if mine is revised version or not. Also in the price guide there are version numbers such as 02A, 02B and 03. How do i determine what mine is?
Thanks for all help.

Ford Focus, is it ABS, what revision ? - TimOrridge
A simple check wheck to see if it has ABS is under the bonnet a metal box with brake pipes coming out (ABS modulator), an ABS light on the dash, or has discs on the backs (good sign for ABS

Foci were revised (facelifted) for MY 2001 (51 reg onwards) slight change to front bumper, but thats all I think?

As far as im aware series 2 focus only has discs all round on Zetecs, Ghias and TDCI's

Im no expert so dont trust that its only advice
Ford Focus, is it ABS, what revision ? - RichardW
If it's got ABS the warning light will come one when you swtich the ignition on, then go out a few seconds later. It's yellow, with a picture of a car skidding on it - don't know where it is on a Focus though. Failing that, put it on full lock and look at the end of the drive shaft behind on of the front wheels - if it's got ABS you will be able to see the serrated ABS ring next to the hub.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Ford Focus, is it ABS, what revision ? - Adam {P}
I'm not sure whether there are any minor trim differences in the Zetec range but the general difference is a pre facelift and a facelift version which came in around 2002.

The facelift version has indicators in the headlights and not in the bumper, little plastic strips on the bumper and tiny trim differences inside. (There are others but very minor). I was suspect yours is a pre facelift.

With regards to ABS, at the bottom of the instrument cluster, there's an ABS light that won't come on unless you have it. I'd rather test it properly myself (wet grass?) but the light should be a good indictarion. For what it's worth, I don't think you'll have it but go ahead and try it.
Ford Focus, is it ABS, what revision ? - Adam {P}
You're all up early!
Ford Focus, is it ABS, what revision ? - jc2
It's virtually impossible to get the ABS to work on a dry road othen than in a complete emergency-as said earlier "wet grass".

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