fish slime and car paint - The Lawman
A warning to all you fishermen out there!

around a month ago I went night fishing, and caught a few bream, which any angler will tell you are covered in smelly slime.

By the time i got home it was about 2am, and since I was pooped, I couldn't be bothered to put my gear away properly. I took the net out of the boot (so it didn't smell out the car) and casually chucked it on the bonnet.

When I romoved it the next day, there was a nice little net pattern on teh bonnet. Never mind I thought, it is just slime and will wash off. It didn't though.

Never mind I thought, it will polish out. I finally got round to polishing the car yesterday, and guess what, it won't polish out. I will try a little T cut, but if that doesn't work, I will have a permanent reminder of my fishing trip!

fish slime and car paint - M.M
And here's another. Car was a bit grubby earlier in the year so no worries when the kids had applied their suncream and made hand prints (with their only slightly greasy hands) on the bonnet. I thought the prints were in the dirt.

Happened not to wash it for a couple of weeks and same thing... prints still there. Oh they'll polish out. Nope... they're still there!

So when I sell it on EBay in a few months it will read...

"The usual trolley dings, scuffs and handprints expected at the age"

fish slime and car paint - Bill Payer
Try AutoGlym Paint Renovator - that successfully removed bird muck marks from my daughter's metallic black Ibiza.

However, if you've only ever used T-Cut before then go careful with it - it's a lot more abrasive.

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