Cheapest new cars - audiaudi
IE, brand new or pre reg:

Mini size.

I'm looking to buy a car for my 17 year old niece as a present for here uni run from her rented accommodation.

Cheapest new cars - Statistical outlier
Have you tried brokers? I had a completely hassle free experience with, others speak highly of
Cheapest new cars - carl_a
There's a huge choice, is there any issue that might narrow it down a bit, aircon, boot size, and types of brand (would she drive a kia or hyundai?)
Cheapest new cars - stevied
I wish I was your niece.

"Would she drive a Kia or a Hyundai"

She's a 17 year old student being given a gift.... I would imagine she'll drive what she's given.

Cheapest new cars - Chris S
Remember to take depreciation into account, what's cheapest to buy now may have cost you more when you come to trade the car in.

Get something like a Polo which will hold it's value.
Cheapest new cars - MokkaMan
Kia Picanto or Rio "Zapp" models are very good value for money and well equipped (The Rio comes with aircon as standard). Dealers will not offer much offer much off but you might find a broker that will discount a bit. Both cars look good as well
Cheapest new cars - tyro
This recent thread may be useful.
Cheapest new cars - carl_a
I agree with Gan that Picanto would be good but the crash tests put me off them, same with the Panda. How about Hyundai Getz with aircon for £5999 or the Mitsubishi Colt (not sure about the prices but they were £6k).
Cheapest new cars - audiaudi
thank you all - i want the car to be safe as well and i never thought about the M Colt - will hunt for prices. Thanks again.

BTW - brand new Ford ka, pas, abs, twin air bags, 5k and 3 yrs gurantee - what do you think against the Colt?

Cheapest new cars - tyro
Regarding safety,

the Ka, Panda and Picanto are all NCAP 3 star
(Panda slightly better than Ka and Picanto)

Colt & Citroen C1 are NCAP 4 star
Citroen C1 gets 69% for front impact, 78% for side impact
Colt gets 56% for front, 72% for side

C1 available for about £5837 from drive the deal.

Cheapest new cars - bell boy
been said a million times but 17 years old and new car do not go together buy her a £1000 car from a trusted source and give her an iou for an upgrade in 12 months if she keeps her nose clean
Cheapest new cars - henry k
been said a million times but 17 years old and new car do not go together

Now been said 1,000,001 times.

A student is paying the insurance for three years??

A cheaper car, three years insurance and recovery Insurance would IMO be a better present.
Cheapest new cars - smokie
...and maybe Pass Plus.
Cheapest new cars - Bill Payer
from a trusted source

That's the tricky bit though - who do you trust?

And anyway, if the car's, what, 7-8yrs+ old, who knows what's about to go wrong with it? It's difficult trying to fault find and organise repairs if the niece is 200 miles away at Uni.

You've also got dubious crash protection, no ABS etc etc.

If you buy new you've got 3 yrs w'tee, probably 3 yrs breakdown cover., and no MOT worries. All the car should need is little more than an annual oil change. That'll see someone through their 3 yrs at Uni.

£1000 cars are great for lads who know what they're doing mechanically and can get the bus to work if the car's not going that day.
Cheapest new cars - rtj70
Push bike and helmet? Or bus maybe?

Don't know of the area but you sure a car at this stage worthwhile. When I studied I knew of people with cars parked up for most of the time. Students also like to "party" so they cannot drive the next day anyway so there will always have to be an alternative mode of transport.

When you think of the insurance (my step-son passed his driving test at 18.... and then bought an old Panda 4x4... insurance was about £1400 for a year!) other modes of transport including some taxis may be cheaper overall.

Also not all Unis have free parking for students.
Cheapest new cars - Lud
Sounds like the C1 and PassPlus then audi.

I wish I was an uncle like you, not that they'd notice in particular.
Cheapest new cars - rtj70
And I was against the £1400 insurance, which crept up when he swapped a few cars to the equivalent of over £2000 for a year!

Did I pay... no! But his dad is a millionaire but overall not that generous. Only paid for the insurance because I paid for the driving lessons he'd promised. Of course he now produces movies as an expensive hobby.... no really. Anyone want say Karel Roden's mobile number?
Cheapest new cars - Mookfish
If your neice thinks of cars as a way of getting from a to b fine, but if she really likes cars, please get some input. Its terrible to get given something expensive like a car and not actually like the thing (I know as I was given an escort, and I find its not that nice to drive) Yes she should be grateful for a free car, but give her some choice to what it actualy is and she will be much more apreciative (SP).
Cheapest new cars - Honestjohn offers new FIAT Panda 1.1 Actives for £5,393. They are Group 1 insurance. Gone up a bit, but still cheap.

Cheapest new cars - midlifecrisis
I've been considering replacing the wifes 02 reg Fiesta soon. That looks a tempting deal.

What's the going rate for a new shape Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 5dr, 35,000m?
Cheapest new cars - midlifecrisis
The price of the Panda got me thinking and I've looked at the spec of the car. In the back of What Car it states that the 'Active' does not even have ABS. Is this correct? I thought all new cars now had to have this fitted! (Or did I dream that!)

I can't see myself buyng a car for the wife and kids that doesn't have even the most basic of safety aids.
Cheapest new cars - DavidHM
MLC - If HJ doesn't mind me linking to it, - who are a Fiat franchised dealer - have an even better price on the Active and the 1.2 Dynamic for only £5,400.

(No problem. That's good information. HJ.)

In any case, I think you're right about ABS now being a legal requirement and the Fiat website confirms that it is now standard.

That said, the Active 1.1 will still be a step back from your Fiesta in some ways although the Dynamic will be closer.

(NB does the Fiesta have ABS?)
Cheapest new cars - Dynamic Dave
(NB does the Fiesta have ABS?)

It became mandatory on cars sold in Europe to have ABS after 1st July 2004.
Cheapest new cars - Big John
Is it my internet connection? The site seems have to have vanished.
Cheapest new cars - Dynamic Dave
Is it my internet connection? The site seems have to have vanished.

Looking up the domain '' on , it says the record expired on 30-Sep-2006. No doubt an admin oversite, and someone will *probably* update the domain name at some point.
Cheapest new cars - Big John
The real bargain on is the Eleganza for £6593 with all the toys. (climate, trip computer, seat height, CD etc....) My father-in-law has just bought one, surprisingly good car.
Cheapest new cars - Big John
OK, just looked at . Panda's from £4997, Eleganza £6195 - good site!
Cheapest new cars - rover 75
I've just bought SWMBO a new Ford ka collection for £5995 includes e/w , c/l , metallic , leather s/w , a/c , r/cd , 12mths tax , full tank , plus I paid £10.55 for the train fare to collect it , just sold 02 ka 1, 31k for £2950. Relatively cheap motoring and she stays cool in the summer (the wife).>> OK, just looked at . Panda's from £4997, Eleganza £6195 -
good site!

Cheapest new cars - MG Man
Personally I would also consider a Punto not the Grande the 1.2v 3 door Active is a available on the Fiatsupersaver site for £5400. 4 Star NCAP electric windows, Dual Airbags etc, cheap to insure can get up 50 mpg if driven carefully on a long run.

Ive had one for 3 years done 80k no problems, bargin motoring. Only downside residuals not good.
Cheapest new cars - Avant
What a lovely uncle you are.

Ford Ka every time - good image, plenty of street cred and they're a hoot to drive. More modern designs have better NCAP ratings but the Ka has a wheel at each corner (i.e. mimimum overhang)and is very safe to drive, so she's less likely to have a crash in the first place.

Brokers like have some good discounts on them.
Cheapest new cars - bell boy
I cant believe that ford can be losing money when they can build such cracking cars as these.
Cheapest new cars - bell boy
mm that sounds like a positive....oh well 0they could do with the good publicity
Cheapest new cars - ukbeefy
I would seriously check what the parking situation and easy of driving around of her intended destination.. Many universities are extremely opposed to students driving anywhere or even parking on campus/near univ buildings. Never mind many uni cities are becoming very draconian on parking/car based movement generally. She may find that its hard if not impossible to get a resident's parking permit (or they may already have allocated enough for her house).

Unless she really needs a car I'd get her some other present.
Cheapest new cars - MG Man
Personally I dont see much a appeal in the Ka. I think you can get more up to date cars for similar money.

Its a 10 year old design (and people slagged MG Rover off for dated designs) up until recently had engine that could only be described as prehistoric, and moderate NCAP rating by the latest standards.
Cheapest new cars - midlifecrisis
Having had the seed sown, I've been looking on Autotrader. I don't think the missus would go for the poverty spec of the lesser models and found 2004 54, 1.2 Eleganza for £4795.

This is £250 above the dodgy Parkers valuations, so can any traders give me an accurate valuation.
Many thanks
Cheapest new cars - Big John
It's only £1400 more for a new one from FiatSuperSaver, two years newer, two years extra warranty and no MOT's and a lot less risk(no dodgy history).
Cheapest new cars - dalfruin
Just thought I would post some figures for possible cars as I am in the same position except it is an 18 year old son the car is for.

I am still undecided as to whether a old / new car is the right way however for new cars here is what I have found so far:

Mitsubushi Colt CZ1 / Red 6000 - 6250 for pre reg 56 from a dealer or Colt Blue 6999 from broker
Seat Ibiza 1.2 Reference @ 6495 from Arnold Clark
Toyota Yaris @ 6999 from autobytel
Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Active 56 pre reg @ 6499 from
Fiesta Studio from 6180 / Style from under 6500 from various brokers
Suzuki Swifts appear to have no discounts and pre regs don't exist

Only other thing I have found which may be of interest is a method of reducing insurance costs by 50% (allegedly) from MoreThan @

If anyone can beat these prices / have corresponding deals on other relevant models, could I suggest they post here also?

Ask Honest John

Value my car