UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - Nsar

I don't know where to begin on the utter pointlessness of this excercise.
UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - DP
I nearly veered off the road in a fit of hysterics when this came on the radio this morning.

As an M3 / M25 Heathrow stretch user for the past few years, and someone who sits in the carnage resulting from the chaos going on around J9 every evening, this simply isn't funny.
UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - glowplug
Our roadworks should be the best, we have plenty of practice!
Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - arnold2
Not being funny - you want to try the roadworks in Germany - they squeeze 2 lanes up & down into one side..... or the German's favourite, which I call 'lawnmowing the motorway' - they get a machine out to nicely trim the grass verges... only problem is you're doing 85mph+, and they sign this up with a few seconds to spare !
UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - DP
On a recent trip to Amsterdam (for work unfortunately), I left Schiphol airport in a taxi to be met with complete traffic carnage. The cabbie explained that the Dutch authorities just shut roads completely when major work is required (in this case, widening and resurfacing). It causes absolute carnage on the roads, but the logic behind it is that they can get the whole job done in a few weeks rather than drag it out over 6 months to a year.

I genuinely still haven't made up my mind whether this system is better or worse than ours.

UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - Cliff Pope
It causes absolute carnage on the roads,

Chaos possibly, but surely not carnage?
UK - "Best Roadworks in EC" - DP
Sorry - bad choice of words.

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