Ka NSF lower arm rear bush split - Statistical outlier
GFs Ka just had it's 3 year service. There's a note that the NSF lower arm bush is split on the service report, and there is a load creak from the suspension if you go over speed humps etc. How urgent is it to get this changed? Is it a big job?

Cheers for your help.
Ka NSF lower arm rear bush split - DP
If it's anything like the Fiesta, it's not so bad. Undo and remove the nut and bolt securing the lower arm balljoint to the hub, split the joint, undo and remove the two bolts that pass through the two bushes at the inner end of the arm, and manouevre the old arm out. Refit the new one as an exact reverse, but keep the protective plastic cover on the balljoint until you're ready to reconnect it (it's easy to "nick" it on the hub when you're refitting the arm).

Each side on the Fiesta took me about an hour and there were no significant problems. Ford recommend the hub balljoint nut and bolt are replaced whenever they are removed, as the nut is a Nyloc design. Also, this bolt is not a conventional "pinch bolt", but it passes through a recess in the balljoint to stop the balljoint coming out. You have to completely remove the bolt to split the joint.

One of the easier jobs I've done on the car in all honesty. While you're at it, check the other side carefully, as it probably won't be much better.


Ka NSF lower arm rear bush split - bell boy
good post dp can i just add the 'pinch bolt' and nut needs changing ive seen these come out (cost the garage plenty to sort as well) these nuts and bolts are only a £1 at the dealer or any good trade outlet.

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