Huddersfield hole help required - spikeyhead {p}
Ay about 3am this morning, whilst driving downhill from the university in Huddersfield I encountered a hole in the road, about 18" square and 6" deep. The few cones at the side of the road that should have been surrounding the hole had been moved out of the way. There was no steel plate over the hole preventing me or other hapless travelled from falling in.

I now need a new rim and tyre whch I can easily source now I'm back in sunny Luton but I could do with help knowing the name of the road that this hole was on, a pic of the hole would be good if anyone's local enough to do me a favour.

Contact details of the local council and the contractors and which one I should invoice for the replacement wheel and tyre will also be helpful.

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Huddersfield hole help required - artful dodger {P}
Not from Huddersfield, but from your description it sounds as though the hole was coned off for other road users safety. Probably some toerag (?student) after a night on the town thought it would be funny to remove the cones, hence why they were by the side of the road. If the council can prove they were aware of the hole and taken measures to alert road users of the potential problem, then they have met their duty and will not pay you any compensation.

Go to a scrap yard and get a new wheel and tyre to match your existing one. Also thank that nothing else was damaged or you were injured. If it was a front wheel then I would suggest getting your tracking checked as it may have been knocked out of alignment and you may start scrubbing the edge off the replacement tyre.

Knowing there were cones beside the road, did you place them around the hole after your accident to prevent someone else damaging a wheel? If not, why not?

I know this sounds harsh advice but I know from experience you are unlikely to get any compensation. My Mother once hit a traffic island that should have had illuminated bollards on, but somone had demolished them. She got nothing from the council, but was lucky that her Polo was fairly new and went to the main dealer for a replacement. Unkown to her they had some spare wheels and tyres from people who had alloys fitted. They gave her a wheel and tyre and fitted it for free!

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Huddersfield hole help required - Lud
Can't resist it.

A charming lady poet, Pam Ayres I think, wrote the following:

In a field near Huddersfield
There lived a cow who would not yield.
The reason why she would not yield:
She didn't like her udders feeled.
Huddersfield hole help required - Collos25

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Huddersfield hole help required - Stuartli
>>will not pay you any compensation.>>

All the council will do is refer you to its insurers.
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Huddersfield hole help required - Stuartli
>>Can't resist it. >>

Yet there was another one who liked you to Oldham.
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Huddersfield hole help required - Stuartli
>>whilst driving downhill from the university in Huddersfield>>

Do you mean the long road that leads to junction 23 on the M62?

My youngest offspring went to Huddersfield Uni in the 1990s so it's quite a while since it's quite a while since I drove down/up it.
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Huddersfield hole help required - tunacat
Funnily enough, an aquaintance of mine (with whom I have now lost contact) WAS successful a few years back in getting compensation for two damaged tyres and alloys caused by a hole in Huddersfield. I'd try a web search for Kirklees council. He supplied them with pics of the hole and his wheels.

Ironically, he was on his way to Keighley, where he'd found a fantastic deal on 4 new tyres - ended up having to limp into Huddersfield centre for a wheel and part-worn tyre from a scrappers before he could go anywhere much further...

BTW, isn't a Toerag some on-road model from VW?
Huddersfield hole help required - Roger Jones
There's a very handy site for finding council contact details:
Huddersfield hole help required - bell boy
just driven through huddersfield tonight and if you mean the hill down to sainsbury's roundabout (used to be perry.s /ford dealership here ) then the road is being resurfaced and i saw at least one dangerous grate but it was coned off.
If it is here then the street lights are appaling and i would put in a claim if i was you.

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