The new Ford Mondeo. - Collos25
Pics of the estate here:

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The new Ford Mondeo. - PW
Some pics in this months Top Gear mag. Looks good.
2007 Mondeo - Imagos
The clearest pic's yet i've seen of the forthcoming 2007 Ford Mondeo prior the teaser car at the upcoming Paris show. (Entries added 22/9)

As predicted, very simular to the Iosis concept although these photo's look very much like a concept itself.

No doubt the usual Ford knockers / haters in the backroom will be posting what a load of carp it will be..

My opinion? Hmmm.. so far so good.. need to see in the flesh though.

Facia clocks look good in particular the unusual tachometer design.
2007 Mondeo - rtj70
If you've seen the inside of the s-max then this is probably exactly how the Mondeo will be. Exterior, apart from wheels and maybe LED side lights... could be it.

This was in AutoBild this week according to another thread {now merged - DD} so probably how the estate will look.

I like it.... and my car (a company one) due for replacement in October 2007.... oh goody. But might see what the hatch looks like because that could be even closer in looks to Iosis.
2007 Mondeo - Imagos
The bemusing thing to me is why are the first official photo's the estate?

Why not the saloon or the hatch? These will sell in greater numbers.

Or is it a carefully planned in order to wet our appetites?
2007 Mondeo - Imagos
Take a close look at the facia photo if you can..

There is a triangular shaped button to the right of steering wheel which says 'Ford Power'.

It's not a starter button as this is a conventional key twist on steering colum.

I wonder what it could be? Simular to 'M' power button on the M5 perhaps?
2007 Mondeo - daveyjp
I think a radio power on button is more likely! Whatever it is come RHD time odds on it won't be moved and will be the wrong side for the driver! ;-)
2007 Mondeo - rtj70
How about the 5 door will have gull wing doors like to Iosis concept?? Don't know but something more radical than the estate coming maybe. We are talking of 2007 vehicle so maybe that's why conventional estate shown first?

Well probably not gullwing but perhaps 5 door hatch very close to Iosis and the competition will be blown away.
2007 Mondeo - Blue {P}
The saloon/hatchback variant will apparently get it's first airing for about 15 seconds in the upcoming Casino Royale film if what I've read is true, they're also co-inciding the release of official pictures with the release of the film.

2007 Mondeo - Sofa Spud
Looks quite nice, but not as neat as the current model. They need to do something about that 'cow-catcher' lower grille.
2007 Mondeo - Thommo
'No doubt the usual Ford knockers / haters in the backroom will be posting what a load of carp it will be..'


The usual Backroom line is that the Mondeo is the best value car out there and the TDCI could most probably cure cancer if it puts its mind to it.

Anti-Rover at times yes, anti-Ford? Never seen it.
2007 Mondeo - cheddar
There are also picks of the saloon at the top left of the second link above, it looks good.
2007 Mondeo - mss1tw
Trying too hard to be an Audi. One of the ludicrous looking 'walrus teeth' ones at that.
2007 Mondeo - Altea Ego
as long as it does not look like a stretched Focus.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
2007 Mondeo - daveyjp
As always the promo picks are the top spec with double exhausts, posh alloys, spoilers and loads of chrome - show us the base spec in flat blue then I'll decide.
2007 Mondeo - Imagos
anti-Ford? Never seen it.>>

I have, lot's of times in different threads over the years. like this one..

Anyway ref that cow catcher grille, like the awful Peugeot 407 you mean? At least the Mondeo one is semi bearable while the 407 is just plain ugly.
2007 Mondeo - mss1tw
cow catcher grille,

:-D Even better. The other one for the 407 is 'basking shark;. That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it.

The Audi's are going for the sabre tooth tiger look I guess. It looks silly though, far too 'long'.
2007 Mondeo - Imagos
For a car that traces it's DNA and history back to 1962 with the Cortina this launch coming up for the new Mondeo IMO is a highly significant event like it or not.

Ford medium family cars are arguably the one to beat at the time or in which the sector is called. Other makers have used these 3 as the benchmarks.

Cortina-Sierra-Mondeo.. top of the tree in terms of sales in their class *more or less* for 44 years.

No doubt some posts coming up that will disagree.

(all IMO you understand)
2007 Mondeo - mss1tw
By DNA you can't mean chassis design/elements/pieces...can you?
2007 Mondeo - Imagos
A classic quote on a new car launch is that it shares little more than a few nuts and bolts with it's predecessor so I'd say most unlikely.. ahem.

However look closely a the pic. of the dash and you'll see that the hazard warning switch and heated rear window switch looks identical to the current Mondeo...
2007 Mondeo - Martin Sweeney
In this class no car, not even a Ford, is the benchmark for any length of time. At any one time, Passats, Sierras, Mondeos, Lagunas, Xantia, 405/6 and Accords have all been benchmarks in one respect or another upon their release or rebirth. Then the competition raises the game in some respect, they get leapfrogged and the cycle repeats.

I agree with Thommo in that I can?t identify any anti-Ford trends on this board and I have to say a link to a 2004 thread, which doesn?t appear to be remotely ?anti-Ford? rather confirms this. FWIW I think this is a good thing. Compare this with the regular vacuous criticism of VAG and French cars, predominantly by those who have never driven the cars or who base their invective on concocted or speculative information.

2007 Mondeo - madf
going back to 2004?

There's nothing wrong with Fords.. But Toyota make better cars:-))
2007 Mondeo - RobC
I think Ford have learnt from the launch of the Mk 2 Focus where they played safe with the styling. Although I have only seen the estate pictures, the new Mondeo certainly moves the game on and bodes well for future models.
It will be interesting to see how Vauxhall react with their all new Vectra in '07/'08.

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