Mk1 Punto front exhaust mounting - Drage
I've just noticed that this mounting appears to have come adrift. It appears to be fixed at one end to the front subframe via a rubber mount but the end attached to the exhaust just past the right angle bend appears to have been welded to the exhaust pipe and this joint has failed so the mounting bar is just flapping around under the car.
Do any backroomers know whether this is this easy to fix or am I going to have to buy a new front pipe?
Mk1 Punto front exhaust mounting - piston power
is it possible to weld it back on?? take it to your local fast fit place offer the fitter a £5.00 im sure he'll do it they do for me!!!
Mk1 Punto front exhaust mounting - bell boy
they all broke here at some time, ive had many that have been fixed with a large jubilee clip ,but a re~weld would be better ,dont think a fitter would do it for a £5 any more though think those days have just about totally gone (no offence bigtee )
It does need doing soonest or the flexible joint on the front pipe will break by the way.

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