Mini One - nicnac

Is £11000 too much to pay for a Mini One auto o4 reg. Pepper pack with 8100 miles?

{Shouting amended - DD}
MINI ONE - blue_haddock
Sounds pricey to me for a base spec mini but i'm no expert.


No need to shout.
MINI ONE - Avant
They're holding their value very well, so I'm not surprised at that price. Look around for alternatives, and if they're all at that price, then fine. Best if you can to go for one with aircon: I think that's the Chilli pack, but you can get it on its own. SWMBO got hers without any packs - mostly cosmetic - but just with aircon, sunroof and trip computer.

Are you sure you want an automatic? The MINI One manual is great fun but I'm not sure an auto would be.
MINI ONE - rtj70
New Mini on the way so prices will drop. Maybe not a good time to pay that much?
Mini One - Falkirk Bairn
My son & DiL bought a Cooper, 1.5 yrs, 12,000 from BMW Dealer about 1.5 years ago at £10,500 (haggled from £11.5K)
(now 3 yr old & due MoT Next month)

£11K for a3 yr old Mini One is OTT - Coopers 3 years old can be had for under £10K from a BMW dealer

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