Well done VAG - type's'
Yes you heard me correct - I am singing VAG's praises.

Apologies if this is old news to some of you but I have just been looking at the results for 2006 international engine of the year. In the past this competition has been dominated by Toyota, Subaru, Honda (of course) and it goes without saying - BMW.

VW / VAG have won 2 categories and are best engine overall with the 1.4TSI & 2.0 GTI.
The 1.4 TSI beat BMW's V10 M5 engine to top spot - so in my mind that shows what a good engine this must be.

I realise anything associated with VW can only be mentioned once on this web site so I will say no more about it.
Well done VAG - Imagos
& 2.0 GTI.>>

Well done VAG - type's'
Sorry Imagos - The 2.0 (Petrol) FSI Turbo.
Well done VAG - Imagos
Ah.. the engine fitted in my Passat! lovely! In fact I chose this engine over the 2.0 TDI 170PS.

Nobody drives diesels anymore.. ahem.

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