Hyundai Trajet Suspension - davmal
I have a 52 reg Trajet petrol that has demolished two front offside Mcpherson strut top bearings. Both were replaced under the generous 5 year warranty, but as this will expire in 12 months time I am concerned that this may be a recurring fault. Any one else had this experience? Hyundai say they have no records of this being a problem, but a mechanic let slip that he has replaced a "few". I have also had to have a complete new wishbone on the rear nearside, again under warranty, after the tracking went out and could not be brought back into line. The garage put it down to " a knock" but the fact that they were so willing to put it right under warranty leaves me suspicious, or am I being paranoid? I have now shelved plans to have it air dropped into central France for next years holiday to save the tedious drive!
Hyundai Trajet Suspension - 659FBE
Why not air drop as planned, but from a greater height?


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