smeery widscreen - sirdave
This is getting a pain, tried the usual - new wipers(bosch), cleaned it &, the blades, using halfords screenwash, scrubbed with washing up liquid etc but I cannot get rid of it.

Anyone got any ideas ?

smeery widscreen - Spospe
Try using toothpaste, it is mildly abrasive and lots of elbow grease.
smeery widscreen - sirdave
not thought of that one, will give it a go

smeery widscreen - Bill Payer
Autoglym Car Glass Polish (from Halfords etc).

Don't clean the screen with a tea-towel that's been washed in fabric conditioner.
smeery widscreen - Red Baron
Try a mild solution of dishwasher powder - it'll cut through any grease.

Most 'cleaners' that come into contact with human skin by now have conditioners and moisturizers in them. As for elbow grease, well, that'll really smear it up nicely : )
smeery widscreen - cheddar
Vinegar on kitchen roll, make sure you run it along the wiper blades too, it really does remove all smearing at minimal cost, I keep a sachet of vinegar in the car (the kind of thing you get at the likes of a Little Chef) in case it is required.
smeery widscreen - Chris S
scrubbed with washing
up liquid etc but I cannot get rid of it.

This might be the cause of the problem, the remains of the washing up liquid will cause a smear when you use your washers.

Trying rubbing the windscreen with vinegar on a paper towel to remove any residue. Have a bucket of water to throw over your paintwork afterwards so there's no chance of the vinegar damaging it.
smeery widscreen - jc2
Most washing-up liquids have salt in them-try car shampoo,vinegar or a specialist glass cleaner-the best I found was "Auto windscreens" own label.You can buy it at their depots.
smeery widscreen - Victorbox
As stated elsewhere Autoglym Glass cleaner - the blue liquid not their Fast Glass and I've tried the Microfibre cloths mentioned in this link & they were fantastic at cleaning glass with just a little water applied. Note experiment at bottom of article about cleaning white grease off glass with just the cloth alone.
smeery widscreen - gsb
Another vote here for vinegar on kitchen roll, cheap and very effective.
smeery widscreen - Hamsafar
Glazing companies sell the best glass cleaners IMHO. They need the glass perfectly clean and smear-free before making sealed double-glazed units. I always use BOHLE proffessional glass cleaner.
smeery widscreen - kithmo
I have the same problem with a residue of Rain-X on the screen that the previous owner put on. Anyone know what to use to get rid of this. I've tried vinegar, panel-wipe spirit (used to prep surfaces for painting), Autoglym fast glass, meths etc..
smeery widscreen - Pete M
If you *must* remove it, then some have advocated washing soda solution, otherwise a mildly abrasive glass cleaner will usually work ok, or toothpaste, or Cif.
Unfortunately, I'm a big fan of Rain-X, and the best thing is to re-apply it properly, using two coats for perfect coverage. Make sure your wiper blades aren't worn out.
I've never had problems with smearing and the only negative I have found is that passing under street lighting can tend to make the raindrops more obvious. This is from 20+ years of using it on about a dozen cars. I never get tired of seeing those raindrops marching up the screen and away. Sitting behind an HGV in the rain with perfect visibility without wipers is another plus. Rain-X was one of the first things I got for my cars when I moved to the UK in '97. I'd never go back to having distorted vision through sheets of water clinging to the glass. Others must agree with me, as Rain-X is still going strong after about 20 years.
smeery widscreen - pmh
Hopefully not opening the can of worms, but personally I regard Rain X as the worst thing ever invented for car windscreens!

It does seem to be one of those things that polarises opinion and generates strong views.

pmh (was peter)

smeery widscreen - kithmo
Pete M, I wouldn't say that I dislike the Rain-X stuff, as it worked quite well when I first got the car 4 months ago. it's only lately that it's got patchy and smeary. But how do you re-apply it if you can't get the old layer off. Can I just put some more on top of the stuff that's on, will that be ok or will it make matters worse.
smeery widscreen - bazza
Try neat ammonia solution on a piece of kitchen roll, taking care to follow safety precautions. Follow up with warm water/strong detergent mix . The best thing I've found to date to get rid of smears.
smeery widscreen - turbo11
Go to halfords and buy some glass cleaner (polish).It looks a similar consistency to car polish.I use it every couple of months.its great at getting rid of grease,smeery patches and stubborn bug splats!
smeery widscreen - glowplug
To clean the screen and or remove Rain X use Cerium Oxide. Works a treat.

You can buy it as a glass polishing kit from Machine Mart that has Cerium Oxide in it but it costs about £25!

Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
smeery widscreen - sirdave
Thanks all for a lot of advice, ended up with a bottle of Auto Glym glass polish, cleaned all the windws nicely.

Only problem is, the windscreen still smeered.

At this point swapped the new wipers with an old pair (must point out both are Bosch) that we all seem to keep for some reason, hey presto, no smeers.

Now - anyone else had this problem. Mr Bosch will cirtainly be getting a letter
smeery widscreen - Stuartli
You'll appreciate the AutoGlym glass polish even more now - best product of its type I've ever come across and I've tried all types over the years.

SWMBO, however, used to swear by vinegar and newspaper until, one day, I used the AutoGlym on the front room's bay windows (my office and smoking room).

Now I have to buy two bottles at a time...:-(
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smeery widscreen - Cliff Pope
You can try every single product and old wive's recipe everyone has listed, and still have a windscreen that is smeary. I suspect that with age something changes on the surface of the glass. Certainly Irv Gordan the 2 million mile Volvo man says windscreens get physically abraded by the wipers over time - he says he reckons on changing his every 500,000 miles.
I don't suppose this is your problem though.
smeery widscreen - horatio
I use

Bohle professional glass cleaner aerosol

from the local trade glass supplier, quite cheap too.

The cheapest method is to use plain clean water and a bit of folded newspaper.

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