Citroen AX starting anomaly - Steve D.
Guys, my daughter's AX is a 1.1 made in 1992 and it has an unusual starting problem.
The car will not start when cold on the key, the starter turns over rapidly but there's no spark I've checked. But after a short push it always bump starts first time and then for the rest of the day it starts just fine on the key! Leave it overnight and you are back to square one, the things I have changed to try and cure it are the HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm and they made no change at all. Jump leads make no difference either.
Any clues on this please ? Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Steve D.
Citroen AX starting anomaly - Screwloose

Ignition switch? Maybe there's no ignition feed to the coil when the key is cranking.
Citroen AX starting anomaly - dieselnut
Had a similar problem on a friends AX last year that resulted in loss of sparks.
Turned out to be the master ignition relay ( actually 2 relays in 1 box ) & was just a diode in the box that had gone intermittent. I just replaced the diode & all was well but your probably best to replace the whole unit. Standing in front of the engine it's located immediately to the left side of the engine, fairly inaccessible of course, bolted to the side of a plastic casing, possibly air cleaner or battery box. 8 or 10mm spanner required.
Citroen AX starting anomaly - Steve D.
Cheers dieselnut, I will give that a go. But as I work shifts it will be probably be next weekend when I can tackle it. I will let you know though, thanks again.


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