Lexus IS200 (year 2001, 1998cc) - hefty
Hi, I need to find out if I have the modified fuel injectors fiited to my car. I have contacted Lexus and their records show that they have not fitted any. However, they may have been fitted by an Independant. Can anybody advise how can I identify original and modified injectors. i.e Part Numbers or colour etc? Also I cannot obtain a service manual for this vehicle and Haynes aren't publishing one either. Thanks for any advice.
Lexus IS200 (year 2001, 1998cc) - highspeed
Hi Hefty.
I can't answer your question, but I know a man who can! Go to the Lexus Owner's club website, register for free & you will find a really friendly bunch of guys who can answer almost anything about the IS200. At least one is a Lexus parts manager & they are really helpful. Become a Gold member & get discounts on parts & servicing which will probably save you your membership fee straight away!

I am not connected to the club except as a member, but have had loads of interesting info from there. Must admit I can't recall a discussion about injectors - like most of a Lexus they seem to go on forever. Try doing a search tho'.

Hope this helps.

P.S. You will need to post your question in the IS200 section.
Lexus IS200 (year 2001, 1998cc) - hefty
THanks Highspeed, I'll look into it.

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