Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - langdale
I have been living in Germany & shortly will return to UK, along with my lhd XC90 with the old (fixed) bi-xenons. I see from this site that the (new) directional bi-xenons are switcheable for lhd/rhd. But what about the old ones? I tried my Volvo garage but they were unhelpful. Do I need to go to the expense of replacing the headlamp units (costly) or is it possible to reset the low beam to eg a "neutal" beam that would allow the vehicle to pass a UK MOT?
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - SjB {P}
I don't believe the older units are switchable, a belief substantiated by a quick trawl through some of the Volvo owner web sites I use.

The nearest I got to an actual technique to use was this, from an XC70 (seventy, not ninety) thread on the VOC UK website: (essentially a mask stuck to the glass, and in the case of the XC70 instructions in the handbook on how to apply it )
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - Aprilia
To be honest I think you will struggle to get these through an MoT.
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - SjB {P}
To be honest I think you will struggle to get these
through an MoT.

Come to think of it, agreed; Dad purchased his RHD 244DL in Brussels (albeit back in 1979!) and drove it for the three years we lived there with LHD headlamps. On return to the UK he had to fit RHD headlamps before submitting for MOT.
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - langdale
Yes I know that my current setup will not pass the MOT - this is why I am asking about the alternatives - and I also know that masking/beam benders are not enough. There are two requirements for the MOT, mph on the speedo. and either neutral dip or the proper rhd dip (you can check thes one one of the UK GOV sites. What I'm trying to establish is if I need to replace the headlamp units (easily done, they are current parts - they actually just slot in, very easy - its simply a matter of the high cost) OR if with the help of the Volvo computer it is possible to reset the beams to a "neutral" dip
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - adverse camber
replace the units. you dont have to replace the bulbs/balast they should just swap over but the pattern is set by the reflectors.

I dont think masking is permitted on xenons
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - langdale
Thanks - retaining the existing bulbs will certainly help.

Regarding masking xenons - you can - there is even a template in the owner's manual and I checked with Volvo - they confirmed OK.
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - SjB {P}
Prompted by your reply:

I asked for you, and then forgot to post the details; no software dip option exists in VADIS or VIDA. Headlamp replacement is required.
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - langdale
Thanks - at least I know
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - alberth
I am not sure that I can answer langdale's question about moving to the UK with a lhd Volvo XC90 and Bi-Xenons and the consequences of taking a UK MoT test..

However I have a 2004 XC90 rhd with Bi-Xenons and I have been concerned about going to the Continent of Europe with lights switched in the wrong direction. I have spoken to many experts, each time being referred to the vehicle handbook. This has illustrations of how to cut out pieces of material and stick them to the appropriate place on the headlamp "glass."

But I have also read that the headlamp "glass" is of a polycarbonate material and any "glue" put on it could severely damage the surface, while attempts to remove the "glue' could also scratch the surface causing tramlines which in turn would cause beam "defraction" and scatter and become a dazzle danger to oncoming traffic.

I am not an expert on these matters and have just listened to the comments of "expert." Completely confused I put the problem to the Volvo people in Southampton where I was having my XC90 serviced . "No problem" was the reply that gave me good cheer. There is a polycarbon cover that fits over the headlights with the reflecting material already fixed on in the correct place. Just three clips puts them in place and they can be removed easily for later use. £37.00 Sir. And we have them in stock. Perhaps Volvo have the same in Germany.
Volvo XC90 2005 Xenon lhd/rhd - langdale
Thanks for your comments. For a holiday, you are perfectly fine with either these (expensive!) "clip-ons" , or by purchasing a set of "Eurolites" (~?10) from Halfords or at the ferry terminals, or indeed using black PVC tape (I have tried both on my Volvo - I had no problem with residue etc when using standard electrical insulating tape or Eurolites - I already did it for holidaying in UK several times - though the next time you are in Calais, note that foreign motorists very rarely bother!!!).

My problem is somewhat differnt. When I move back to UK, to REGISTER the car the solution must be a permanent one or the vehicle cannot pass the MOT - hence my original question. I finally got the answer I needed - unfortunately I have to swap the headlamp units - but cheaper than selling my LHD & purchasing another RHD that will be more (too) expensive, given the poor value offered by UK dealers, compared to Germany. Actually now I have a second question prompted by the upgrading of XC90 lights. The new Volvo bi-xenons are multi-directional (ie can be adhusted to RHD/LHD). since I have to invest anyhow, I wonder if it is possible to retrofit these new ones - I will continue to do much driving in Europe and this solution will be better than any of the other, more temporary solutions.

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