Ford Focus 4000 Range CD player - touristboy
I have a Focus 2003 with the 4000 Radio and want to know if the car can accomodate a CD player, Ford or otherwise. Is there a kit you can buy or is it a case of buying the Ford CD player and where are the best places to look?

Hope you can help.


Ford Focus 4000 Range CD player - Adam {P}
Hi Paul,

Any Ford stereo will fit as longas it's that big one. Ideally you want a 6000CD but the 6006CD has a 6 disc changer. They just slot in.

eBay is probably best as Ford will want 300 quid off you. Bear in mind where they might have come from originally though if you go down the eBay route.

You can get a stereo yourself but you'll need a fascia kit and adapter and to be honest, for the cost and hassle you may as well go for the Ford option.
Ford Focus 4000 Range CD player - touristboy
cheers Adam, had a quick look and there are a few on ebay so that seems like the best option.

many thanks
Ford Focus 4000 Range CD player - local yokel
You can buy a fascia adaptor for about a tenner and fit a branded unit in the normal-sized slot that it leaves you, though I think you need adaptors for the Ford connectors to make then ISO compatible.

SWMBO has a 2001 Focus that came with an RDS radio/cassette. Bought her a 6006 from Ebay for £140, and it slotted in in about 30 seconds. She's very happy with it.

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