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Hi there,

I would like some advice please. I own a 1999 VW Passat Turbo. The standard stock is 150 BHP.

Recently I bought a device on Ebay according to seller tricks the ECU which increases the air flow.

(I may have this info wrong). Has anyone fitted a similar device which worked for them?

Will this device cause damage to my engine or components?

I know most of you would suggest remapping the ECU, but I suppose this is the cheapest method

if it works.

I appreciate any information you may have.


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I can't find the thread I was looking for, but this one is close enough.


If you aren't able to get your money back, then throw it in the bin would be my advice.
VW Passat tuning - George Porge
If this cost less than a tenner its just a resister to trick the ecu into increasing the amount of fuel, put in down to experience and bin it.


www.upsolute.com/eng/index.html (my Golf diesel is chipped by these)

Brentacre Insurance Ltd
98 Mansel Street

Tel: 01792 650933
Fax: 01792 646633

I've got my modded VWs insured by these, highly recommended.

VW Passat tuning - Mikeym1
Thanks for your comments and info.

VW Passat tuning - Hamsafar
If it's an L-shaped black plastic thing with a plug and socket, it's just a scam and should be reported to Trading Standards.

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