Mondeo 01 washer bottle - Richard M
Does anyone know how to get at the washer bottle on an 01 Mondeo estate as the rear washer has stopped working despite being able to hear the pump working? I presume the outlet from the pump has got blocked. Is it an under tray or front bumper removal? Thanks in anticipation.
Mondeo 01 washer bottle - psi
have you tried poking a pin in to the washer jet nozzle?
Mondeo 01 washer bottle - cheddar
Not sure though I think it is wheel arch lining removal.
Mondeo 01 washer bottle - elekie&a/c doctor
Remove the front apron undertray(if it is still attached)to access the pump & bottle.I am not so sure the pump is blocked because 1 pump does front & rear washers.It is a reversable motor function
Mondeo 01 washer bottle - Richard M
Thanks for the replies. The front washers are working OK. Does the pump only have one inlet for the water? If this is the case it must be blocked somewhere else.

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