track rod rack end - pug 306 - scfc_151
at the weekend i investigated a 'knock' on my steering since having the tracking done. I had the car a couple of weeks (306 2.0 hdi estate) so thought id get it checked.

I found some play in the track rod near the steering rack (drivers side). The play is in the ball joint in the rubber gaiter.
The car is going to my trusty garage for some body work and as he's reasonable i might ask him to repair it.

I was wondering if this is an easy repair as it seems being able to access it is the biggest hurdle.
Also is it worth getting the track rod end joints replaced while its being done as the parts are only around a tenner?

I also noticed a 'grinding' noise when pulling off now and again (sounds a bit like wheel spin but i know its not) on the drivers side, Would this be attributed to the play in the joints?

Thanks all
track rod rack end - pug 306 - scfc_151
any offers?
track rod rack end - pug 306 - stevenage
when i did my orion a few years back it was an exchange steering rack reqd. quite easy on the ford but not sure about your pug as my daughter has sold hers.
track rod rack end - pug 306 - thomp1983
the track rod ends are an easy job on a 306. take the balljoint out of it socket, undo the locknut and wind the t.r.e out. before starting give it a good dose of penetrant fluid, also count how many thread are visible after undoing the locknut so you get the tracking more or less back in the right place. then when the jobs complete id suggest getting the tracking checked to make sure you don't ruin a set of tyres.

track rod rack end - pug 306 - scfc_151
the play is in the 'rack end' part of the track rod near the steering rack. I dont think the play is in the rack itself but i wana know if that end is an easy job and if its accessable?

i cant feel play in the ball joint under the gaiter when the wheel is rocked from 9 to 3 o'clock.

when pulling off sometimes i get a grinding sound from the same side. It sounds like a wheel spin but obviously its not the wheels. I was wondering if this would result from a worn ball joint near the steering rack?

track rod rack end - pug 306 - mjm
I think the grinding noise is probably brake related. I don't know the 306 steering rack construction particularly, but the inner end of a rack is usually a ball joint with the ball part being formed on the end of the track rod and the socket on the actual rack. The clearance on the rack I have dismantled was set by means of shims and a nut with a lock tab. Without the correct manual to give the clearance, I would be loath to touch it.
You "may" be feeling wear in the end bearing of the rack, in which case a replacement rack would be the best way forward.

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