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Did you read the piece by Harriet Ridley in Saturday's DT, she borrowed a 1000 mile R1 from a Yamaha dealer and attempted the "Ultimate Streetbike Challenge".

"The speed trap reads 185.2mph. That's outrageous for a standard R1 - I've just wasted Porky on his nitrous Hayabusa. The 200mph.org guys are sceptical, claiming the readings must be wrong. So I head out again, this time reaching 188.2mph. Egg gives me a ribbing over the tannoy. He's only jealous. I finish third in class, behind two ZZ-R1400s that manage 191mph."

Not content with that she borrows a modified ZX12R and does a genuine 200mph!

A good read and a picture too online that was not in the paper.


200 mph club - Lud
Bottle. Nothing mor to be said.

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