Problem with Mondeo One Touch windows? - purpleparrot
I've just bought a MK3 mondeo and whilst I was looking through the manual, I came across the one touch window function. Sounding like it could be useful in the summer, I decided to try it out. I pressed the door open button and sure enough, all four windows slid open. Cool I thought. I then pressed the door close button and to my surprise, only the front windows closed. Is this correct or do I have a problem?

Many thanks in advance of any help you can give.
Problem with Mondeo One Touch windows? - Adam {P}
Are you doing this via the key? One touch windows are where you tap the window button and it opens automatically. Global closing is when you open and close the windows via the key.

I'd say it sounded like a safety feature so you don't decapitate your kids but then there wouldn't be any point having the global closing.
Problem with Mondeo One Touch windows? - JohnPug
Could be that the battery has been disconnected in the past, and only the front windows have been reset.
Had this in my car a few months ago, only a 3 door but passenger window wouldn't close with key after a service.
Problem with Mondeo One Touch windows? - purpleparrot
Thanks guys.. Yes I meant global closing.

I put the windows up and down a few times and all seems well now, maybe it was a bit of grit.
Problem with Mondeo One Touch windows? - Carse
The Mondeo and Focus for that matter have a sensor on the windows that makes the windows reverse and open if they encounter any resistance upon closing. (safety incase head, hand etc.. get stuck when closing.

I suggest you clean the window seals whilst the windows are down and this should solve your issue.


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