Lack of bugs - artful dodger {P}
This year seems to be an almost bug free year for driving. I have had hardly none on my windscreen. Is this the same with other BR's?

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Lack of bugs - Adam {P}
Yep - normally have to clean the front numberplate everyweek this time of year and I've not done it for over a month!
Lack of bugs - rtj70
You're right it has been bug free hasn't it. Global warming I say ;-)
Lack of bugs - Altea Ego
minimal bugs last year too, we had a huge thread on here about it, cause and effect, etc.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Lack of bugs - cheddar
minimal bugs last year too, we had a huge thread on
here about it, cause and effect, etc.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >

I started a thread last year on this however I was out on the bike today, 70 odd miles and my visor was covered.
Lack of bugs - Waino
>>I was out on the bike today, 70 odd miles and my visor was covered.

Ched, I suspect this may be indicative of a late surge as my Brussels sprouts are now covered in mealy cabbage aphid!
Lack of bugs - turbo11
Yes.I have not had to use my "bug sponge" this year to clean the front of my car.As I daily plough up and down M40/A34,most summers I am scrubbing the little blighters off almost daily,this year I reckon its once in ten days.
Lack of bugs - Sofa Spud
Second year running with almost no wasps - where are they.? Extinct, hopefully!
Lack of bugs - mike hannon
More bugs over here (France) this year, if anything. This has definitely been the year of the moth - of all sizes.
Not many wasps though.
Shame in a way - I bought an electric bug swatter that is a laugh a minute. The bugs go up in sparks and smoke if you are quick enough! So good I even bought one for a friend in the UK. Never mind, the batteries will be OK for next year.
Lack of bugs - PhilW
No bugs here but lots in France? Could it be anything to do with the fact that on our motorways one crawls along in a continuous jam (I'm thinking here of recent journeys of 4 hours from Leeds to Leics, 4 hours from Leics to Wirral and 3 hours from M1/M25 junction to Dartford Crossing) but in France you can cruise all day at 80mph (usually!)?
Lack of bugs - Adam {P}
Been up our neck of the woods recently Phil?
Lack of bugs - Adam {P}
Ignore that - just remembered where Mrs W comes from.
Lack of bugs - PhilW
Well remembered- yep, up your way a couple of weeks ago. M6 was so dreadful (car park-like) we ended up going cross country rather than M6/M56/M53. Some slow roads but at least we were moving and saw some nice bits of Cheshire. Gentle progress also worked wonders for fuel consumption - well over 50 mpg in the (Gold!!!) Berlingo. Don't get up there too often to visit the outlaws.
Lack of bugs - Adam {P}
I thought that - and was thanking my lucky stars that we didn't have a wasps nest again.

Found out yesterday that my neighbour does. In their attic!
Lack of bugs - Lud
Phil's got it right. We're all going too slowly! They can just fly languidly out of the way!

In Spain in May my hire car was well plastered and radiator choked. But it's true, I've done a couple of rapid night trips to Sussex this spring and summer and not too many insects (not bugs please. Moronic American expression for everything from beetles to gnats).

Should we worry? It's a bit scary.
Lack of bugs - mike hannon
Years ago I remember Linus started a long debate with Charlie Brown in Peanuts about the difference between an insect and a bug. Can't remember the conclusion though.
Lack of bugs - DP
Getting stacks of moths and crane flies in the house in the evenings over the past few weeks, and the lavender bush in the garden is buried under bumblebees as usual but only encountered a handful of wasps and flies so far. Noticed much fewer "splats" on car and bike too.


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