Light Steering - Phil Oliver
The wife's 1998 Hyundai Accent (now that's a model that doesn't get much mention on this site!) is suffering from unusally light steering. I don't drive it very often, so cannot pinpoint when it first occoured. I thought it might go away when new tyres were fitted, but no, so I had my usual garage give it a test drive. Their description was it seemed as if the speed sensitive part of the power steering was disconnected, but as it has a standard power rack that was impossible. It was due its 40k service so while it was in they did a 4 wheel alignment check on an HPA set up. They say that this would also show up any damage due to hitting speed bumps too fast. They weren't happy so they checked it again. Result: around town it doesn't seem any different though the wife says it feels a bit better at motorway speed. They are stuck but were very happy for me to ask for any ideas in the back room.
Any suggestions?


ps The wear pattern on the old tyres was remarkably even.
Re: Light Steering - spud
Front tyres over inflated ??
Re: Light Steering - alvin booth
I have always found that different tyres and different wear rates on them make a huge difference to the lightness or otherwise of steering.
Only this week I have changed the almost new front tyres on my wifes car to the rear and visa versa simply because the rear ones have been on for such a long time, and I felt they should be allowed to wear out for ageing reasons.
The difference in the lightness of the steering and also other aspects of the handling is dramatic. The steering is much to light for my liking and also a rougher suspension movement. Might change them back....
I would think its almost certainly your tyres in some way.
Re: Light Steering - Steve G
If its not tyre pressures and the PAS system is good then the finger must be pointing at suspension alignment.
I think castor angle determines steering 'effort' the most.

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