Ignoring red lights - Roger Jones
Not for the first time, I saw an impatient driver go through a red light at a pedestrian crossing, after it was clear but well before the amber appeared. This was yesterday in the middle of a housing estate on the south side of Aylesbury. Is anyone else as horrified as I am at seeing a red light ignored? If that habit is going to spread, what next?

And what is it about the A41? Having reported the item "Motoring masterclass" last week, yesterday a Hotpoint van pulled out on me, such that I have to brake sharpish, then pulled in again only to turn off within a couple of hundred metres.
Ignoring red lights - glowplug
I'm all for red light cameras, to me that would be a real improvement for road safety. But I suppose they wouldn't generate enough income to be 'worth while'

Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
Ignoring red lights - AngryJonny
Well yes and no. I prefer them to speed cameras (probably because I never go through red lights but have been known to drift over the limit) but it can be scary sometimes when a light with a camera changes to amber and the car in front of you slams on the anchors and stops more or less instantly rather than risk getting flashed, when ordinarily it would be acceptable (and safer) for them to run the amber light. I'd wager that junctions with cameras have seen a fall in side-on impacts and a increase in rear-end shunts.
Ignoring red lights - mfarrow
Not for the first time, I saw an impatient driver go
through a red light at a pedestrian crossing

Don't tell me, it was one of those new Puffin crossings? If so, he has a little sympathy, as these are my pet hate. They often wait too long on red, don't have a handy flashing amber, and have the green and red men where I'm not looking.

Mike Farrow
Ignoring red lights - rustbucket
I see this several mornings a week on the way to work prior to rush hour,It is frustrating sitting at a red light when the rest of the junction is clear.The other morning a car came up behind me waiting at the red light tooted his horn then passed me on the right side passed a keep left bollard through the red light just miised the only other vehicle in sight a roared off ,unfortunately was not quick enough to get his number.
rustbucket (the original)
Ignoring red lights - Adam {P}
Funny you should mention this. There are a set of traffic lights at a cross roads intersecting a very busy dual carriageway. The lights on the busy dual carriageway have two cameras but, St Helens, in their bid to be different decide to put Peek Traffipax cameras instead of the Gatso ones. The result is, they're crap.

These are the lights that prompted my sign up to this forum about 3 years ago so you can go ahead and curse them. They flashed me when they were on green, I was a relatively new driver and I panicked. So, every day that I pass them I'm always watching them to make sure they don't try any funny business.

Yesterday I was at the junction ready to turn right onto the busy dual carriageway so my lights were not camera enforced but I can see the ones that are. They turned to red, and about 5 seconds later, a car came screaming through just as our lights were changing to green.

"That's odd" I thought "That camera hasn't flashed". Just as I was moving off, it did! A whole 5 seconds after the car had gone through so was long out of shot now.

I hate them. I really do. They're bright yellow and enormous things that can be seen for miles away so whether people see and ignore them or not, I don't know. This road was a 70mph one and the amber phase was under 3 seconds which was sneaky of them but that's another story for another time.

Ignoring red lights - Hamsafar
Around Nottingham the council want to introduce congestion charging, and to make the congestion bad enough to warrant it, they are misusing traffic signals to cause snarl ups, as they did in London. This has lead to a culture of them being treated as give way lines on many roads, especially at night when you can see for half a mile there is no other traffic, and everytime you hit the same spot in the road where there's a sensor they turn red, and make you wait until someone comes on the other road, and then they stop them and let you go. The complete opposite of how they used to work.
Ignoring red lights - Shaz {p}
Are you from Nottingham Ashok? I didn't think they were serious about congestion charging here. Are all the lights affected?
What area are you from?
Ignoring red lights - Hamsafar
Yes, shaz, they are very serious! It is in their Local Transport Policy and has been covered in the evening post.
There are traffic lights in Nottingham that are Phantom lights on main arterial roads.
e.g. Junction of Nottingham Road and Mansfield Road in Daybrook, traffic is stopped from continuing North up Mansfield Road for no reason at all, the traffic which once came from the right was stopped 15 years ago from turning right out of Nottingham Road, yet the traffic lights remain, and were even replaced with newer units and still do this. People just sit there while the junction is empty and don't even seem to notice. Exactly the same ocurrs at the junction of Mansfield Road and Cross Street in Arnold and many others. What's more, all the lights used to be phased so that they had maximum throughput, as you approached lights they invariably turned green, now I would say 95% turn red even if there's no traffic coming from the sides. Unfortunately, Pedals, Transport 2000 and other enemies of the Motorist have taken over the traffic control centre.
Ignoring red lights - Shaz {p}
When I mean I didn't think they were serious - I meant to say I didn't think they'd get round to doing it, as you would hardly call Nottingham congested, and I didn't think it was warranted.

And I thought it was just me that thought that these so called 'smart' lights were... not very smart - especially at night. I just thought they didn't work!
So using Kens tricks here too. That bus lane on Derby road near priory island annoys the hell out of me - bet thats causing a lot of congestion in rush hour- never seen a bus use it out there - before that even in rush hour, that stretch had pretty good traffic flow - only slows down after the island (coming into Nottingham) when its single lane.
Ignoring red lights - Group B
Yes, shaz, they are very serious! It is in their Local
Transport Policy and has been covered in the evening post.
There are traffic lights in Nottingham that are Phantom lights

Well I never! That explains the ones next to Jewsons on Mill Street, going down to the Basford crossing. I thought they were out of phase due to the sensors playing up, as a lorry trailer hit one of the light units about a year ago. Thats pathetic, I feel like writing to complain now, even thought it will achieve nothing...
Ignoring red lights - mike hannon
Maybe this is a cultural thing now - passing red lights, I mean.
I see it quite a lot and I'm sure I didn't in earlier years (and I have quite a few earlier years!).
Once, a train driver who passed a signal at danger - even if accidentally - could be dismissed instantly, if he lived to be reported for it. But, from what I have read of evidence in recent crash inquiries, passing a red now seems to go almost unremarked.

Ignoring red lights - davemar
In London the worst culprits by far are the buses. It is not unusual to see a bus go through a light a good 5 seconds after it has changed to red. Only yesterday I was nearly wiped out by a bus when I passed through a green light about 5 seconds after red-amber. Fortunately they are big enough to see them coming most of the time.

However I do get annoyed at pedestrians who press the WAIT button on pedestrian crossings when it is perfectly safe to cross without using the lights. They'll cross right way, and the lights will change to red 20 seconds later, long after they have crossed, so you'll be stuck there at a set of pointless red lights. In some ways I can't blame drivers for jumping these, though I wouldn't do it myself.

Ignoring red lights - stevied
I cross if the road is clear (as a pedestrian I mean) and got a RIGHT roasting for it in Germany, when I was visiting there recently. I think it carries the death penalty. Says a lot about their mentality.... and that;s coming from someone who likes them! Me "But the road is clear" German"Yes but it is a RULE! Rules are to be obeyed!!" Me "But it DOESN'T MATTER"...... German cannot compute and toddles away muttering.
Ignoring red lights - IanJohnson
M42 J9 is the worst I have seen, regularly 3 or four cars in each lane jump the red lights, particulary those coming off the M42 northbound and those leaving Minworth. I have learnt to pause for a second or two after the lights turn green.
Ignoring red lights - stevied
Leeds: M621, coming off at the A58/A64 junction.... no-one bothers with something as soft and southern as stopping at a red light.

I've said it before, Leeds is an AWFUL place to drive in, there's a lot of attitude for some reason. Also, Yorkshire is the spiritual home of the Middle Lane Muppet.
Ignoring red lights - Lud
I went through one last night and got an earful from madame. And actually it is a bit risky these days with all these damn cameras about. Got 3 points and £60 year before last for going through the one at the Angel, following a friend.
Ignoring red lights - turbo11
Just seen a uk HGV go through red,just missing the car in front of me.The lights had been red(for the HGV) at least 5 seconds.If the elderley lady driving the car in front of me had not been slow off the mark she would have been history.
Ignoring red lights - y2k+4
I don't know if it's just the way people interpret colour or whatever, but I do find red the least noticeable on a traffic light...I'm sure you all think that's weird, but alas, I care not. Also I find early evening driving to be very problematic with the low-sun and I often find this can obscure traffic lights' light...
Ignoring red lights - CGNorwich
Occasionally I have been stuck at a set of traffic lights which have gone wrong and are set permanently at red. How long would you wait before proceeding. Presumbly you are committing an offence if you do proceed. What is the legal position if you were have an accident?
Ignoring red lights - Lud
Sometimes they fail and people just do without them. A bit tense but seems to work. Damn sight better than those temporary traffic lights that local authorities so love in London.
Ignoring red lights - bell boy
In the seventies i used to wait at a set of traffic lights in a village between the m1 and worksop (a57) for at least 5 minutes before they changed (5am in the morning) these days people regularly overtake me if i am waiting t for the green light what gets me is why the such disregard for lights and everything else authoritarian that is basically a basis for long life and respect?
Ignoring red lights - mike hannon
Am I right in thinking that most common form of male-pattern colour blindness is the inability to distinguish between red and green?
Ignoring red lights - Roberson
Some traffic light controlled roundabouts encourage red-light jumping too. The nearest one to me is at Silverlink, where the A19 goes under the Coast Road at Wallsend (Tyne and Wear). It used to be the case that they were temporary, only coming on in the rush hour, but the lights are on 24/7 now. I can come out of the nearby cinema at midnight, and they're still on, but the traffic density is so light, you're the only car sitting on the whole of the roundabout. At worst, the are cars (probably from the cinema too) sitting three abreast at the red light while the lights are on green for the entrances to the roundabout where there are no cars coming. You can tell what people are thinking....
Ignoring red lights - RichardM
I see red lights deliberately ignored all too often, especially temporary lights. Just the same blatant disregard as that given to solid white no-overtaking lines...
Ignoring red lights - storme
if these people choose to ignore this law...which others laws do they also choose to ignore?????

Ignoring red lights - Hamsafar
Sigh I really think if the council installed signs that said "GO BACK HOME" in pretty LEDs - people would!
Just because it's the law doesn't make it right, and what's more aren't we supposed to be saving energy?
Ignoring red lights - IanJohnson
Colour blindness is no excuse - on roads the red one is allways at the top
Ignoring red lights - bignick
Most spectacular case of this I was inadvertently involved in was as follows:

On holiday in Austria without car and took local bus service to see the dam at the top of the Ziller valley.
Just before the dam was a long single lane tunnel with traffic light control including a feature I have never seen before or since - a clock display showing the state of the lights at the opposite end of the tunnel and the time to wait.
Bus driver pulled out of waiting queue overtook six or seven cars and entered the tunnel against the red light.
I was on my feet moving rapidly towards the rear of the bus!

No problem of course - I assume the driver was well aware of the safety margins set on the lights.
Ignoring red lights - Red Baron
The roundabout at the intersection of the M6 J1 has full time traffic lights. When these were all down a few weeks ago for a few days the traffic flow was much improved.
Ignoring red lights - bignick
I have noticed a similar effect in Reading - a year or two back a major failure shut down approx half the trafic lights across the town - I got some strange looks when I arrived 15 minutes early for work1

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