Pug 306 1.9TD - Not Starting - stafbt
Hi all, any chance of a bit of help with my wifes 306. We just bought it 2 days ago and every now and then it wont start. It will turn over ok but wont start. Dont think its the keypad immobiliser, that seems ok. Not sure on last service so could this be a glowplug problem?, if so why does it not do it all the time. Also when it plays up we have to leave it for about 20 mins before re trying.??? any help would really help us.

many thanks Graham
Pug 306 1.9TD - Martin1981
Could be air in the fuel system. Try priming the fuel circuit by squeezing the black rubber bulb, located on the left hand side of the engine as you look under the bonnet and see if it starts then. If not, then the glowplugs maybe to blame. Also check the air filter- if it's dirty, replace it and the same with the fuel filter, especially as you are unsure as to when it was last serviced.

Pug 306 1.9TD - stafbt
Cheers Martin, thanks very much for your help, will try this. Where is the best place to buy glowplugs from also what sort of price are they.. dont want to be ripped off.
Pug 306 1.9TD - GregSwain
Go to an independent motor factor, glowplugs are about £25-30 a set, if you go to Halfords expect to pay £40.
Pug 306 1.9TD - GregSwain
Now that I've actually read the whole thread(!!!), I wouldn't think it's the glowplugs - more likely a fuel problem.

Give the car a full service (oil and ALL filters) to rule out a filter blockage (these engines should ideally have an oil change every 6 months so it'll want one). Glowplugs aren't routinely replaced like sparkplugs - they only get replaced when cold starting becomes an issue. Make sure you always turn the ignition on for about 10 seconds before starting the engine from cold. Does the exhaust smoke at all when it starts from cold?

If this is occuring even when the engine is warm, it's not the glowplugs.

If there's air in the fuel system, you'll see little bubbles moving through the fuel lines when the priming bulb is squeezed. The bulb should be fairly firm - that indicates that the system is purged of air. These engines are nice and simple compared to modern diesels, so the problem will probably be straight-forward to fix. A few quid for some new fuel-line might solve the problem.

Good luck!
Pug 306 1.9TD - stafbt
Many thanks for all your help.......

Pug 306 1.9TD - IdleFlower
I would say its definately a fuel problem, my mate had a similar prob with a pug 306 it turned out to be a split fuel pipe.

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