Rear Leg Room - lulubelle
I currently have a Volvo V70 S-reg estate. However, I have one son over six feet tall and another one catching him up and they are starting to want more leg room than the car provides, especially since my husband and I are tall too. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a car with a good automatic gearbox that is also very safe and has good rear leg room. Thanks for any help!
Rear Leg Room - Avant
Most Mercedes estates have generous legroom; so does the B-class. Also have a look at the Honda Accord Tourer.

Also some of the multi-purpose vehicles like the Ford C-Max have adjustable rear seats which can be pushed back (at the expense of luggage room) for more legroom. I haven't looked at the new Ford S-Max but I would think this should be pretty generous in the back too. I don't think this one is yet available with an automatic, but it should come soon.
Rear Leg Room - PoloGirl
You could easily get lost in the back of my 3dr golf. It's huge.

However, I suspect a Golf is too small and it's probably not much fun climbing in and out of a 3dr if you're tall, even though there is loads of room thanks to the clever slidey seats.

Rear Leg Room - Collos25
I thought the mondeo was larger than those three,the mondeo estate I am using at the moment certainly has more room than my brother in laws e class and is certainly larger than the accord tourer.I think you are going to go into people carrier territory to achieve your aims.
Rear Leg Room - adverse camber
Not many things bigger than a v70. It was the reason we got one. I think Andy is right - you are heading for people carrier territory.

I can see that a golf seems big after a Polo but its tiny by comparison with a v70.

Ive not been in the back of a mondeo, but the passat/A6 isnt bad.
Rear Leg Room - jase1
Skoda Superb.
Rear Leg Room - BB
V70 / S60 has always been known for its lack of rear legroom. My S60 is terrible for this, but as I have no kids to go in th back, I don't really mind.

I would suggest you visit your local car supermarket and have a butchers inside all the cars that take your fancy.
Rear Leg Room - SjB {P}
V70 / S60 has always been known for its lack of
rear legroom. My S60 is terrible for this, but as I
have no kids to go in th back, I don't really

The new V70 has much more legroom than a S60; I went to buy a S60 but ended up with the V70 for this reason.
It is true though that the new V70 doesn't have as much legroom as the generous S80.
Rear Leg Room - adverse camber
S60 and V70 are different sized cars. S60 has no rear space at all.
Rear Leg Room - BB
S60 and V70 shared the same platform. Only the top hat was different.
Rear Leg Room - PW
Would agree with Mondeo- certainly felt more spacious than current V70.
Rear Leg Room - SjB {P}
Agree Skoda Superb, but also consider a Volvo S80.

I have a new shape Volvo V70, but although this appears to have a little more rear legroom than the original V70, it doesn't have as much as the very generous amount in my father's S80. Although the new V70 and S80 share the same basic "P2" floorpan, that in the S80 is longer between the wheels.

The S80 is also a little wider than the V70 and has quite generous hip and shoulder room in the back. The S80 (and new shape V70 for the record) have good rear headroom.

With the new S80 hitting the showrooms shortly - my local dealer has their first one on order - prices of the original S80 will probably take a dive.
Rear Leg Room - tyro
The What Car website gives rear knee room statistics. I don't know if they are accurate, but here are some of them

Mondeo: 765
Volvo V70: 894
Skoda Superb: 830
VW Golf: 695
Volvo S80: 740
Rear Leg Room - tyro
And for what it's worth

Volvo S60 - 690.

If the V70 really was comparable to the S60, I'd wonder if the V70 figure was a mistake and should have been 694.
Rear Leg Room - PW
Just looked it up on Volvos website- they say 894 too. Bit surprised as subjectively always felt more cramped in Dads V70 than my Mondeo. Wife said the same.
Rear Leg Room - SjB {P}
Something is amiss; the S80 has far more legroom than a V70
Rear Leg Room - barchettaman
Try a new shape Zafira. With the middle row pushed back I was amazed how much room there was in the back seat.
Otherwise, the Vauxhall Signum reputedly has lots of rear room.
Rear Leg Room - Statistical outlier
"Also have a look at the Honda Accord Tourer."

Disagree. It's not too bad at all, but two 6 foot plus are not going ot be happy in there. They'll fit, but I rekon they'll fit in a V70 as well. Knees don't touch the seats if I sit behind myself (if you see what I mean), but I wouldn't go too much further than that.
Rear Leg Room - SjB {P}
A consistent figure I have found for S80 rear legroom (old model, not new model hitting our shores now) is 911 mm.

For the Skoda Superb however a consistent fugure is 1007mm.
Huge. "An S Class cabin for Passat money" to paraphrase typical reviews.
Rear Leg Room - Murphy The Cat
Ok folks, you've been waiting for it and here it is.

A Chrysler 300C has more rear leg room than a BMW 7 series or a Jaguar XJ.
& it comes with an autobox as standard.

Rear Leg Room - Collos25
But who wants to look a prat driving one a pimps car
Rear Leg Room - barchettaman
Go on Murphy - set the heavies on him.
Rear Leg Room - Big Bad Dave
"But who wants to look a prat driving one a pimps car"

Me for a start.
Rear Leg Room - y2k+4
I wouldn't drive one. I'd sit in the back and stretch out.
Rear Leg Room - tyro
hmmm - the manufacturers don't tend to say same as What Car.

Skoda Superb - 1006 mm
Mondeo hatch (min) - 983
Mondeo estate (min) - 969

MTC will give you the figures for the 300C in just a minute, I'm sure :-)
Rear Leg Room - y2k+4
I believe WhatCar? measures the rear legroom in all cases if the driver has their seat base 1m back (and at a consistent angle) from the brake pedal (or used to back in the old days of inches) whereas manufacturers may measure the rear legroom with the seats as far forward as they go? I don't know, but that's how I'd explain it.
Rear Leg Room - Murphy The Cat
For once, I can't provide the info.
The seat adjustment on the 300C is enormous and I honestly dont know what criteria whatcar use for measuring the seat space dimensions.

What I can say is that I'm 6ft 3in tall and I've had 6ft ers behind me as passengers and they've told me that they have "acres" of space.

When Mrs Cat is in the passenger seat, we've had rear seat passengers travelling with their legs crossed at the knee, and other people who have gone for the "full stretch" and still had room to spare (Mrs Cat is 5ft 10in tall).

Rear Leg Room - Adam {P}
>.But who wants to look a prat driving one a pimps car<<

I suppose it's better looking lke a prat driving a normal car.
Rear Leg Room - hjd
I have a Civic - not the new model, the one before - which has plenty of rear legroom; certainly more than my other half's Mondeo estate. In addition it doesn't have a transmission tunnel so fine for three people in the back.
Rear Leg Room - helicopter
I have the same Civic and yes there is plenty of legroom in the back. The lack of transmission tunnel gives rear passengers acres of space.

Rear Leg Room - lulubelle
Thanks very much for all those replies! I am particularly interested in the old style Honda Civic as I fancy a shorter car than the V70, which often seems to be the same size as the car park spaces I'm supposed to park within. I will definitely look into the cars you've recommended, though I can't quite see myself affording a Merc or Jag this side of a lottery win. Having said that, I often sing the "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz" song, just in case He's listening....
Rear Leg Room - meeper
The measures from the car mags can be missleading as it all depends where the front seats are set.

The other dimension that can make all the difference to comfort is the drop from the seat squab to the passenger footwell. People carriers tend to fair quite badly on this measure you feel like you're sitting on the floor with your knees in the air if you have long legs. Distance that you can poke your feet under the front seats also sort of gives you more leg room.

If you have time to go around the dealers and want an objective measure you'll need to set up the drivers seat for yourself, then measure from the back of the drivers seat back rest to the front rear seat back rest.

IMO a "normal" car is often more comfy in the back for 2 passengers as it is designed for 2 comfy rear passengers with a third in the middle getting a raw deal. People carriers are often fairer if you have 3 in the back.


Rear Leg Room - cockle {P}
SWMBO has recently bought a Mondeo hatch and No1 son reckons it is the most legroom in the rear he's come across, BTW he's 6'2" and 15 stone so has a fair idea of when he feels cramped!
Rear Leg Room - nutty_nissan
You want S class LWB or 7 series L model. Both have amples of room. CHeap used too.
Rear Leg Room - Bromptonaut
Berlingo/Partner have excellent rear leg room and 3 full rear seats, but don't think either do an autobox.
Rear Leg Room - tyro
Berlingo/Partner have excellent rear leg room and 3 full rear seats,
but don't think either do an autobox.

& the OP said "very safe" - which probably means that the rather 'average' Berlingo NCAP result would rule it out

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