Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
We've got a Peugeot 405 1905cc TD on an L plate. It is an STDT.

The problem I've got is that it hates starting. Glowplugs have been tested and seem okay. The relay works fine - a multimeter confirmed 12v for approx. 30 secs. There doesn't seem to be air getting into the system as the plunger bulb stays firm even in the morning. Compresion seems to be okay - no lack of power when running. No sign of head gasket problems either. It's not using oil. No big puffs of black smoke when the turbo kicks in.

It's driving me mad!!!! The car starts okay with Easy Start, albeit rather smokey. The car hesitates to start when warm (take about 7-10 secs).

Anyone got any idea? Injectors have been suggested to me. I changed them for a 2nd hand set (from a scrapyard) but to no avail.
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Xileno {P}
"Compresion seems to be okay - no lack of power when running. "

But have you actually measured them?
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
No as I am opperating to a budget (hence Peugeot 405 and DIESE) :)
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Xileno {P}
I appreciate you are working to a budget but I think I would get the compressions checked next. You need to know how healthy it is in that department otherwise you could end up throwing more money at replacing other things to no good effect.

What is its mileage?
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
Probably time to start spending a little money on the poor old bus :)

It's got 175k on the clock so is probably still on the running-in phase!!!

Looking at some of the old posts, something came to mind - occasionally when priming with the bulb, you hear a slight hiss from the fuel filter housing. I'm thinknig to connect clear pipes to look for bubbles.

We replaced the pump & belt some time ago and the car ran fine for a while - this was about 5,000 miles ago. I wonder if the pump is SLIGHTLY out of time?

Is there a special tool to undo the bottom nut on the pump? Normal spanner/ratchets will not fit in.

*** JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING ELSE *** When it is being a pain to start, the starter sometimes sounds like it has ran out of power - ie the battery has gone flat. Then, you turn it off and then back again and the power is all back there. Don't know if that has anything to do with it?

If this doesn't work, it's back to good old petrol!

Just for comparison, I have a 205 turbo diesel sat on my drive (no MOT/TAX or I would use it). It hadn't been started since april. It started last week on the button with only a little smoke.
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Number_Cruncher
Here's something that won't cost much to do and check;

remove and clean all the large diameter cable connections between the battery and the starter, and the thick earth connections between the engine and body. This will give your starter motor the best chance of spinning the engine quickly.

If you still get variable starter performance, check the voltage drop between the two big connections on the starter. Before you begin to crank, your multimeter will read a voltage drop equivalent to battery voltage - during cranking, this should fall to about 0.2 volts. If this voltage drop is much higher, it means the contacts in the solenoid are not making a good connection, and a new solenoid will be required to restore the cranking speed.

Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - AndyT
"Is there a special tool to undo the bottom nut on the pump? Normal spanner/ratchets will not fit in."

Yes, they're called Obstruction spanners, do a google or ebay search.

Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
Found some on ebay - I already have some like that and they don't seem to fit. Not sure if open ended ones would work?
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
Went to a Peugeot dealer today. Spoke to a mechanic who suggested VALVE CLEARANCES may need attention. He claims that this would cause poor compression. Any thoughts?
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Crinkly Dave
If I recall correctly, these can be a problem from 100k+ on some engines. Not a routine service item anymore. Easy to check on this engine, but more difficult to adjust without some specific tools.
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Number_Cruncher
>>Any thoughts?

Yes, that's a good idea - well worth a check IMO

Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Collos25
If the rest of the car is ok it may be worth considering an exchange recon head ,we have a 1997 19td estate with over 500k (kilometers) used by anybody in the office or if any of the family need a car and starting and economy began to deteriorate so we fitted a new head and pump and its given it a new lease of live.
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - RichardW
You've not really made clear if it's cold or hot starting or both? The XUD certainly can suffer from exhaust valve recession at high miles, and this can make them difficult to start. resetting the clearances is a PITA thought, as you have to measure, then remove the cam shaft, fit new shims (which you can't order till you've got the cam out and found out what size is in there), refit the cam, and find out they're still not right. Go back to the beginning again! The 1.9 never seems to start as easily as the 1.7 when hot, I always use the glow plugs in the 1.9 Xantia, unless it's only been stopped very briefly. The 1.7 BX would start without plugs even if it had been stopped for 1/2 hour.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - Martin1981
My 1994 306 with the 1.9TD engine struggles to start without the plugs, even if it's only been stopped for 5-10 minutes after a long run i.e a brief stop at a motorway services. My old 309 1.9 diesel was the same.

Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
Cold and hot starting is a problem.

I've an old 205 TD sat outside with no MOT. Starts on the button even after 3 months standing. Might just try the plugs out of that. Will be a pain in the pink fluffy dice though as the one behind the pump on the 405 seems famous for being a git to remove!

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Pug 405 XUTD Starting Issues - PaulFromMelton
Took the old glow plugs out and tested with jumplead/battery. No glow and the 3 I took out had a chip on the end. Put in 3 from the 205 into the 405 which was now cold - started on the button.

Luckily it hadn't become addicted on Easy Start (laughing gas)

Cheers for your help people......

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