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Is a 12mm difference in longitudinal alignment across the front wheels on a Ford Mondeo within manufacturing specification? I have a friend who has managed to come to this deviation by unknown means, but, to me it seems a tad too much.

Is it worth him having a wheel alignment, or maybe getting it jigged. If it won't affect anything other than aesthetics I'll advise him not to waste money on checks and adjustments. However, if it will effect tyre wear and or tracking/handling then maybe he should get it sorted.

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Wheel Alignment - Number_Cruncher
Presumably your friend didn't make this measurement out of idle curiosity! What's the original problem?

12mm is excessive - but I don't see a great need for accuracy greater than plus or minus 1mm.

If the toe settings are OK, it won't scrub too much or be a great source of problems (remember the Renault 4?), but, it shouldn't be too difficult to slacken the subframe mountings, and pull the suspension into line.

Wheel Alignment - AdyBeee
It's a ( new to him ) St200. He was just firing some questions at us about his new car.
One amongst them was, what are a good alternative to standard Ford disc's and pads. I advised to get Ford ( Motorcraft ) parts as I have recently fitted them to my ST200 and have found them to be outstanding.

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I have always found Ford pads are bit poor for any spirited braking type driving.

Far prefer Ferodo or Mintex. their discs are the same as most quality aftermarket ones though imo

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