What Sat-Nav? - Guy Lacey aka S3 Geek
Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I last posted on here!

My missus/ex-missus (it's always a bit on & off) drives about 60-70k per annum in her trusty Ford Focus 1800 TDCi and has been steadily clocking up the points for speeding! 9 so far with far too many pending.......

So - adding to the risk of her losing her licence and job plus the fact that my licence is clean and has been ever since I got it in 1992 (smug) - I don't want to be taking her points (illegal I know but sometimes necessary).

What is the best value Sat-Nav and speed camera locator device? Are there any combined devices or is it a case of having to buy them separately?

Hope you can help.

Many thanks,

Guy (now a Passat TDI Sport Geek I'm afraid.....)

What Sat-Nav? - No FM2R
Hi, been on any good benders lately ? Even anall day one ?

I have a Tom Tom. Good sat nav, good camera database; traffic reports and avoidance are ok-ish. Also wroks as a hands-free for the phone (which I don't use).

Readily removable.

What Sat-Nav? - Pugugly {P}
Even anall day one

Yes indeed a true blast form the past.

What Sat-Nav? - Altea Ego
and a download of the www.pocketgpsworld.com speed camera database
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What Sat-Nav? - Guy Lacey aka S3 Geek
It's nice to know I haven't been forgotten for that infamous typo!.......... or was it?!!!

Thanks for your help. Tom-Tom definitely seems the one to go for.

I've grown out those anall day benders btw......!

Thanks again.

Guy :-)
What Sat-Nav? - Adam {P}
Another one for Tom Tom here. I've recently got one and it's almost worth the money just for the handsfree function with my phone. Very comprehensive and clear in calls. Automatically pairs up when you get in the car too.

The speed cameras are an added bonus!
What Sat-Nav? - DL
TomTom 510 or 910 is what I'd go for with a fully loaded pocketgps camera database.

Not infalliable as it won't warn you of these inconspicuous dark blue vans parked on motorway bridges............
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What Sat-Nav? - smokie
I like TomTom too. I have TomTom 710 plus PDA TomTom plus I also have Smartnav, which is also good (but no screen, buttons or bells).

Regarding no warning of "inconspicuous dark blue vans parked on motorway bridges" I have the speed camera database and have kept in it all the obsoleteTemporary speed cameras, many of which are located on m'way bridges. This is on the (maybe flawed) theory that there are only suitable stopping places on some bridges, so if it's been used before then they will probably use it again.
What Sat-Nav? - Altea Ego
The pocket GPS world databse has locations for temporary speed cameras, They are on the whole pretty good, being accurate to location where temporary cameras appear.

As smokey said, a productive spot for a speed camera location is always a productive spot for a speed camera.
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What Sat-Nav? - Citroënian {P}
Hiya Guy,

Another vote from me for tomtom. If you want to do it very cheaply, the Garmin i3 is ok, but doesn't have the functions or price of tt.

Always good to see folk from before the days of site registration back :-)


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What Sat-Nav? - mike hannon
Hello Guy, how nice to see you here again. Only a few weeks ago someone was lamenting the disappearance of the Lacey brothers.
Hope your big bro is thriving - I know he sold my son a Rover back along, but I forgive him...
Can't help with the satnav I'm afraid - bit out of my league. I bought a compass back along for the Prelude (not the same one!) but all the technology hidden in the car makes the needle swing all over the place...
What Sat-Nav? - buzbee
Currys currently have special offer of the Tom Tom One for £199. If you need Europe you can get a card to plug in for about £82 from elsewhere.
What Sat-Nav? - Adam {P}
Yeah I should just point out about mobile locations and the Tom Tom. Merseyside are being sneaky little devils and siting speed traps in different locations to those mentioned on their site so clearly the Tom Tom won't warn you (and doesn't) of those. However, It bleeps on a road in Greater Manchester with no camera but I assume one where they park a van.

This is no bad thing to be honest - it means you're forced to still keep your wits about you; looking for vans and tripods but takes away some of the worry.

Besides - Tom Tom is worth it just for Mr T's voice.
What Sat-Nav? - Tennis-Player
Straight after passing my test last month I bought a Garmin i3 StreetPilot.

Have to say that I'm VERY impressed with the unit - the voice and the instructions are really accurate, and the screen is just a nice size. It's smaller than the TomTom, but when you're driving you can still easily see the screen. It also warns of speed cameras etc... this seems to be accurate too. At around the £100 mark, it's a bit of a bargain IMO.

What Sat-Nav? - Tony Bee
Are TomTom's illegal in France?
What Sat-Nav? - smokie
No Tony. What's illegal is anything which warns you of speed cameras. Not sure how they'd deal with a TomTom with the French camera database. Cameras are being installed like wildfire across France the the moment so any database isn't likely to be that up to date anyway.
What Sat-Nav? - PhilW
"What's illegal is anything which warns you of speed cameras. Not sure how they'd deal with a TomTom with the French camera database"

Only radar detectors are illegal in France (and various other countries) Speed camera databases on Satnav are perfectly legal.
Latest Michelin maps (and satnavs) have fixed cameras marked and speed camera locations are freely available on French autoroute websites eg
Up to date as of 31/7/06 - and regularly updated.
Note this also gives locations of "radars mobiles" in each department

What Sat-Nav? - Honestjohn
Some more French camera databases in useful websites directory on this site.

What Sat-Nav? - steveb
Another vote for the Garmin Unit - I was carrying a passenger to Broughton Airfield outside of Chester when the unit warned of a temporary speed trap - low and behold in the exact place indicated was a scamera van......... passenger was most impressed........as was I..........then had to explain it wasn't a 'live' detector, rather just lucky - right place, right time etc.

What Sat-Nav? - audiaudi
tom tom
recently got mine from ebay - 200 quid, refurbished, but looked brand new to me.
has it 3 months, used abou 6/8 times, easy to use and accrate.
it's the 300 go series.

i don't stick it on the wind screen but made a small bracket and slips in between the radio/cd and climate control unit - about the samwe position as the real thing, unhooks in a second.
What Sat-Nav? - Collos25
Seems to me the course is a few lessons in obeying speed signs or a new opticians.
What Sat-Nav? - Waino
Seems to me the course is a few lessons in obeying
speed signs or a new opticians.

Exactly, AB. How long is it going to take folks to realise that speeding is as anti-social as drink-driving?

What Sat-Nav? - No FM2R
What on earth has its sociability got to do with anything ???

If you meant "dangerous" - then no its not.
If you meant "illegal" - then they are both illegal but given the different penalties I guess the law sees them as different.

If you mean that you don't really understand but you don't like it - then I'll try to care.

Its that kind of dumb-ass attitude which causes the whole speeding thing to degenerate into some political and emotional nonsense which classes 75mph on a motorway as bad as 35mph past a school and produces 30mph limits on dual carriageways.

Its also that kind of dumb-ass thinking which is causing drink-driving incidence to be increasing as its importance is reduced and as the focus on policing it is reduced as cameras are seen as an alternative to real policing.

What Sat-Nav? - barchettaman

Disintegration of thread imminent.
What Sat-Nav? - smokie
Agreed barchettaman.

Back to topic or the thread gets locked.


smokie, BR Moderator
What Sat-Nav? - Waino
Its that kind of dumb-ass attitude >>

Whoa, steady now! My dumb-ass attitude possibly stems from the fact that my dumb-ass job means that I am frequently surveying by the roadside. You should try it sometime - it gives one a different perspective on speed and dumb-ass drivers. By the way, I'm not a green, anti-car loony - I typically need to drive 50 miles to get to the site.

What Sat-Nav? - Collos25
Getting back to the sat nav side I am using a Navigon with the latest MN5 software which on a 1g memory card covers all europe to street level.It does have the speed limits of all major roads shown quite visibly and there are speed alarms in the program,other than that buy a laser detector of Ebay.You are quite correct Waino when you stand or have to work roadside it can be quite scary but hotheads never think there wrong till it all goes pearshape.
What Sat-Nav? - daveyjp
Still better off getting some advanced training and improving general observation. Also consider what else as a driver you are doing whilst driving. With mileages such as those mentioned I imagine phone calls whilst driving are the norm and these distract attention from driving.

Warning systems are all well and good, but they can only tell you of sites operated by the camera partnerships. The camera partnerships have to register where they park, hence the ability to compile databases of locations, the police can monitor wherever they like. The West Yorkshire Partnership do not monitor any of the motorway network, but the local police are often seen on the bridges above the M621 catching those doing more than the 50 limit - no database or box of tricks will tell you this, only your ability to drive within the limis will save you from points.
What Sat-Nav? - Collos25
Also just by on the M62 stuck on Birkenshaw bridge almost everyday.Is there ot just one camara on the M1 around Sheffield.
What Sat-Nav? - bignick
Garmin or Tom Tom are both pretty good - depends which one is on offer at the time.

A secondary point is that your wife's situation illustrates the unfairness of applying the totting up rule.

An average driver covers approx 12k miles per year - 3 years = 36k. Your wife is doing close to 6 years worth of mileage in a year so really for her the equation should be 10 points in 6 months or so.

What Sat-Nav? - Gromit {P}
If your choice is between a Garmin or Tom-Tom, consider whether you'll use it travelling outside the UK.

Tom-Tom's map coverage seems to be either very good or non-existent. They didn't cover Ireland, for example, or several large tracts of mainland Europe, when I looked at them some months back. OTOH, Garmin cover more territory but the detail may not be as thorough (I've just bought a Garmin GPS which has an option to add road maps, and the detaial on these certainly varies by country).

Also check the cost of getting updated maps for whatever unit you choose - this varies considerably by maker. Suggest you have a close look at the website for each make you shortlist and choose based on map/database coverage and the cost of keeping these up-to-date.
What Sat-Nav? - Guy Lacey aka S3 Geek
Thanks everyone.

No need for the debate to move onto speeding as I'm sure it's been covered many, many times!

Suffice to say - SWMBO drives 5-6 times the national average mileage so I'd plump for her being an experienced enough driver thank you. You only need to be on the motorway first thing on a Monday (6-7am) to see how expeienced high mileage company car drivers can safely push the average speed close to 90mph. It's the once a year motorway driver that causes the problem.

Inappropriate speed should be monitored and not speed on quiet, straight Welsh dual carriageways!

Easy pickings I guess.

One final point - she gets 6 points and £300 fine for nearly 70 in a 50 after at first being disqualified! Nearly lost her job over it.

What did that policeman get for speeds far in excess of that? Oh yes, nothing. The stress of going to court was punishment enough. Should have been in my house to see what stress is!!

Absolute joke.

Just returned from a week's work pootling around Finland and was amazed to see they've caught on to the speed camera phenomenon but taken the German lead and painted them camo' green! And they're on clear, straight forest roads. Great! If the speed cameras don't get you - the elk will......! the other benefit of Finland at this time of year is the days are so long the "anall" day benders are even longer!!!

Thanks for your help - the Tom-Tom gets the vote.


What Sat-Nav? - rtj70
I was informed that you do not even go to court for anything less than 26mph over a speed limit, so for a 50mph zone okay upto 76mph. Obviously you will get the normal fine and points though. I'm not defending speeding though.

I only got caught speeding once (was doing 35k miles per year and therefore reducing journey times accordingly... but never again).

I got done for 97mph on a motorway and got 5 points and £150 fine. So 6 points and £300 fine for your other half seems a little high.

Anyway the main point of my post is that there is a new TomTom One out which is a lot smaller and cheaper. Check it out?


What Sat-Nav? - Altea Ego
"I was informed that you do not even go to court for anything less than 26mph over a speed limit"

56 mph in a 30 mph limit will get you a court visit for sure.
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What Sat-Nav? - borasport20
Wonder what it would get you in a 20 mph zone ?

Go on, get out of the car...
What Sat-Nav? - Altea Ego
at least
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What Sat-Nav? - Big John
I use Co Pilot which I like for its capability to pre-plan ans save complicated journeys with multiple way-points(No strange suprises down back roads). It is starting to look outdated on other facilities (eg showing speed limit as mentioned before). I like the look of the Garmin Nuvi SiRF III but it lacks multiple waypoints. Are there any other newer satnavs (SiRF III & small) that have the journey prep facility?

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