Panel lights on Volvo 240 - LeighB
I hope someone can advise. I have an elderly Volvo 240 estate ( ours since new!) 160000 miles but still runs fine, getting a bit tatty, but we still love it.
Only problem is the bulbs on the instruments have failed. Not the fuse, checked that.
Handbook just says "Difficult to replace, get the dealer to do it"
Is it a job I could do myself, as I can't see an obvious route to the back of the intruments?
Should I just get a dealer to do it at vast expense?

Panel lights on Volvo 240 - s61sw
The handbook WILL say take it to the dealer. With a car of this age (I'm guessing at least 16 years old?), you're better off taking it to an independent specialist, or even a bog standard 'greasy spanner' operation. Have you tried the Volvo owners club website - they have forums for every Volvo model, IIRC the 240 forum is well used.
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Panel lights on Volvo 240 - neil
If its ALL the bulbs, unless they've failed one-at-a-time over the last 16yrs, its most likely the rheostat (dimmer) on the RH side of the dash. Suggest start by "jer-jer-jiggling it" to see whether its just got a dirty segment on the track.

If not, certainly the centre console/heater bulbs are easy enough, the dash panel ones I don't recall being difficult either but can't remember exact technique, sorry.


Panel lights on Volvo 240 - LeighB
Thanks, I will certainly try the rheostat. The centre console bulbs had one or two out for ages, but they only light up the heater controls so no problem, but then suddenly no light there or on the instruments, so the rheostat may be the culprit.
I will give it a jiggle and see what happens. I will also look at the owners club forum.
Thanks again
Panel lights on Volvo 240 - Xileno {P}
Have you got a Haynes manual? They are usually quite helpful.

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