Toyota Corolla Diesel Sump - TimOrridge

My trusty Toyota Corolla M Reg has a hole in the engine sump approx 3mm wide which the engine oil has all drained out on to the floor. I first noticed this when changing the oil about 3 weeks ago. Tried ringing round for a second hand one but no joy and new one is 200 pound of which I am a bit reluctant to pay as the car isnt worth much more than that.

Any ideas for a quck fix or any reputable spares places you could put me in touch with please.
Toyota Corolla Diesel Sump - Altea Ego
why does it have a hole in the sump? is it rust? Is it going thin elsewhere?

If its not rust, and its not going thin, then a good clean up of the area (with sandpaper) and a copper coin glued over it with araldite.
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Toyota Corolla Diesel Sump - TimOrridge
The hole is a bit larger than a pin prick, I filled the oil back up and changed filter. When started engine looked underneath and the oil was bubbling from the hole. I think that the sump has rusted through because of cheap metal that Toyota used, I have search owners club forums and heard similar stories.
Toyota Corolla Diesel Sump - Altea Ego
well as sure as eggs is eggs it will be coming out everywhere in no time at all.

New sump - required.
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Toyota Corolla Diesel Sump - bell boy
jb kwik weld available halfords........£5 at maccess
drain oil
clean sump of rust with wire brush then with either brake cleaner or thinners
allow area to evaporate
the product will NOT work if any oil is allowed to dribble out (jack car up if hole at bottom and still dribling so oil is away from the hole)
mix jb and aply to an area covering a 2 p piece
leave 2 hours min at this time of year double in"t winter
replace oil
cover sump in old oil to stop further rotting
get on with life

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