mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - broken_fiesta
Hi all,

I turned the key the other day, and there was a puff of smoke and the smell of burning from under the bonnet. Starter motor knackered, no big problem, got a replacement off the scrappy. It was in very good condition, or looked it. Plugged it in, it worked fine.
Today, however, the car won't start again. Only this time there was no smoke. The connections look fine, and it WAS working and I haven't changed anything. Battery's fine.
Is this just bad luck, that the replacement starter motor has given up? I could get a third motor, even splash out on a new one, but I'd like to know if there might be an underlying cause for these failures, before another one is gone!
Any help you can give would be great!
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - stuartl
Check the earth to the engine is sound. Running a jump lead from neg on battery to good earth point on block is easiest way I have found of doing this.
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - stevenage
scrappy should give you a replacement foc.
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - Cliff Pope
It's worth checking all the wiring first. It might have been all that was wrong with the original motor. I know from experience the embarassment of taking a motor back to the scrap yard and then being shown that it works.
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - broken_fiesta
Right, thanks for your help everyone. I tried using a jump lead to ground the engine, and that didn't make any difference. The car runs (once bump started) fine. Checking the wiring with a test bulb, the main red wire onto the solenoid is live (when the car's on)- everything else isn't.
Having a closer look (or even listen!) I can hear what I think is the solenoid click when the key's turned. It's just the motor that doesn't come alive. Is it possible it's jammed?
The scrappy was miles away, so it'd be good to sort it out myself if possible.
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - stuartl
Sounds like its another knackered starter to me. The old way of freeing a jammed starter is putting it in gear and rocking it. (I have a Ford crossflow engined kit car so know about such things!!) However it wont keep jamming unless there is a large amount of wear to either the ring-gear or the starter pinion teeth. The old inertia starters used to jam up more but pre engaged ones are generally ok. If you keep trying to start the car with a jammed/worn out starter it will overheat and smoke like a chimney. My advice would be to take your starter to a local auto electrician and get him to test it. In my opinion its worth getting a decent recon one rather than an unknown scrap yard one.
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - bell boy
happened to me last week if you look at the starter you will see what looks like an earth lead between the solenoid and starter motor (it isnt its the power lead) this goes up in a puff of smoke grab it and you will see , need another starter............. ideally grab this lead at the scrappies and make sure it doesnt turn to powder (its an age thing)
mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - fordprefect
If as oldman suggests the braided lead between solenoid and starter has failed a temporary fix is to twist together a few strands of 1mm copper wire (like the earth wire in grey ring-main cable) and solder it to bridge the gap.

mk3 fiesta starter motor problems - broken_fiesta
That cable is fine on the replacement motor, although it did go on the first one! I've ordered a brand new motor, will fit it this weekend. Let's just hope that doesn't go up in smoke as well....

Thanks for all your help everyone.

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