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How much roughly would it cost to have this done, does it take out all the scuffs/small surface scratches and can anyone recommend someone in the Gravesend/Dartford area thats does this and is honest with the price?

If it does bring it up well I would like to get the Accord I bought yesterday done.

Thanks for any help.
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They call it being 'mopped' in the trade I believe, it's the procedure involving using cutting compound and a powered buffer which takes away the minute surface scratches by removing a layer of the paint / lacquer.

I've heard that if done correctly it can give fantastic results.

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{quote}I've heard that if done correctly it can give fantastic results.{quote}

This is the thing, if done properly mopping can give fantastic results, but depending on how fussy you are the results are usually pretty poor, mopping usually is way too agressive and leaves a hologrammed finish, this then needs to be removed wih a lighter polish, usually on a DA polisher. This stage is hardly ever carried out.

What finish do you want and how much are you prepeared to spend.

A valeter will probably complete the job in a couple ot hours tops, and give a finish that the vast majority of the population would be over the moon with.
Then you have the enthusiasts (detailers) they will spend a full day (sometimes more) to give the ultimate finish available.

Have a look at at some of the "show it off" threads to see what can be acheived.
Professional car polish - ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond
What finish do you want and how much are you prepeared
to spend.

I have know idea how much I an prepeared to spend as i've know idea how much a professional polish would cost. I dont know if I would be getting ripped off or not.
I guess I would go to £100-150 and be one of the majority of the population and be be over the moon with.
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my husband is a car valeter and a general polish that looks shiny and good is around £55.00 but a really detailed polish and wax and sealant and to remove all swirl marks etc is around 150-200 as its a full days work at least.

look at and ask on there as they will point you in the direction of a pro detailer if thats what you need..
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Loads of useful information here If I lived near them I'd go there myself and give the car a birthday treat!

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I have just had a chat with someone I know who uses valet services for her car. She recommended one in the car park of the Next Generation Club, in Princes Road, Dartford, virtually next to Leigh City Tech College. Sorry she cannot remember their name. Otherwise she also recommended American Car Wash in Crayford. Hope this helps.

Personally, I would do the job myself. Buy an electric polisher from Halfords or Argos and some good polish. First wash the car and chamois dry. Apply the polish with the polisher, then buff off (it takes about 15 minutes to do this). Finish all the bits that were missed by hand, job done. Also remember to clean the wheels - take them off first. Although this may end up costing similar to a valet this time, there will be lots of materials left over for another good clean in a few months time. I did this earlier this year and now means I have to my wife' s car as well!

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...but don't use a cutting agent (e.g. T-cut) with an electric polisher. Try some autoglym polish with an electric polisher first. If that doesn't work try their paint restorer - just by hand though.
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Thanks for all the help. I'm not looking for a valet service. I want my car polishished to a standard that takes out scuffs and scratches.
I thinks one scratch is to deep even for this though.
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A good valeter can remove the vast majority of polishable scratches if they are suitably skilled. Dont assume that valeters can only clean cars. Many will have picked up skills related. I was taught to mop cars by a bodyshop guy who did Rolls-Royce/Bentley so I consider myself to have been taught by one of the best - he certainly managed flawless work on cars worth quarter of a million so thats good enough for me.

To polish back the paint ( mopping ), the glaze the paintwork and finished with carnuba wax, I charge £40 and take about 3-4 hours. That has always left my fussiest customers happy and Im talking about some of the most anal kinda people you will ever meet.
Now maybe im below market price, I never check, but that valet has never let me down for the majority of scratches. Price isnt everything.

Anything that cannot be mopped back, can be flat n polished by a good bodyshop if you cant find a valeter who is willing, using fine grit wet/dry paper.

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