Yaris rattle - s61sw
My wife's 2002 Toyota Yaris has developed a plasticky rattling noise from the top of the dashboard (passenger side). It seems to come from the airbag cover, and seems to decrease if you press down on the cover (tricky to do whilst driving...). Does anyone know if there could be a clip or bracket or something that'a come lose? and more importantly, is the airbag likely to 'go off'?
Thanks in advance for any advice
S6 1SW
Yaris rattle - Aretas
Possibly not the same, but the door lock plungers rattle on my wife's Yaris.
Yaris rattle - type's'
See fordprefect thread on Corolla rattle under dash also.

Everything rattles on my wifes 53 plate Corolla

Toyota's do that I'm afraid.
Yaris rattle - Perfection
Yes, my RAV also ratle. The RAV is always known as the Rattler car!

Toyota uses cheap palstic parts, I'm afraid when you comapre with other German cars.
Yaris rattle - Rhubarb

You might try having a search or posting here:


Good luck - Andy

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