Punto replacement engine - wrangler_rover
My 1.2 litre 8 valve 2001 punto engine has just cooked itself to death at 71k miles.
What is a reasonable price to pay for a reconditioned engine to be supplied and fitted?
Are there any pitfalls associated with fitting a recon engine like immobiliser problems etc.
Your advice would be appreciated.
Punto replacement engine - bell boy
dont know the cost but only use an engine federation member i think hj has a link but if not find it and stick to it.........
this is very very important for your wallet and sanity....
Punto replacement engine - stuartl
I would investigate a secondhand engine rather than a recon one. I'm sure the Punto engine must be fairly easy to get hold of from a write off. The trouble is with recon engines is that the definition of a reconditioned engine is very wide depending on the integrity and knowledge of the supplier. Such engine warranties are often worthless even when you take up the mandatory excessively priced in house servicing.
I'd opt for a good secondhand engine and a trusted mechanic. Also look for a dedicated FIAT breakers who have knowledge of the engine required and will offer a warranty.
Punto replacement engine - stuartl
One on ebay for £300, still in car can be heard running!!

sounds superb can be heard running Item number: 290017549283
Punto replacement engine - LeePower
On the immobiliser front just use your original engine ECU & you wont have a problem.

Your just changing the engine, Its only the ECU thats locked by the immobiliser.
Punto replacement engine - paulvm
These destroy themselves on a regular basis, a few years ago I ran a Punto 55 unitl the head gasket went, taking the engine with it.
Got the Fiat dealer to fit a "replacement" engine which cost many pounds, only for this to destroy itself just outside the warranty period of the replaced engine!
This was after being once bitten, twice shy, and checking it regularly.
Got local garage to find and fit a used engine which was the longest lasting of all 3!
Cost me £600 for the local garage to supply and fit.
This is the only car in which I have had to have a relacement engine in over 35 years of driving, let alone two replacement engines in the same car.
I have steered well clear of Fiat ever since.
Punto replacement engine - kithmo
It's not unusual for a car to destroy another engine after the first, if the cause of the initial engine destruction (or head gasket problem) is not investigated properly. In my book new headgaskets are always accompanied by new water pump, hoses, radiator and filler cap as well as flushing the cooling system and skimming of the head (unless its a replacement head or new engine), you can't blame the car for lack of preventitive maintenance.
Punto replacement engine - Another John H
The 1242 eight valve FIRE engine is expensive on the secondhand market as it fits into Cinq Sportings without too much difficulty as a replacement for the 1108 eight valve it is made with.

Despite the small BHP increase the bike hike in the torque makes it a lot quicker than standard.

This family of engines needs regular coolant changes if you want to avoid head gasket problems.
Punto replacement engine - paulvm
Kith, my Punto was regularly serviced by the main Fiat dealer right up to a service 2 weeks before the head gasket went and took the engine with it. I had explained before the service that I was concerned about the engine running hot, but nothing was done at the service.
I complained but I was told it was just one of those things, great for endearing someone to a brand!
The first replacement engine was supplied and fitted by the main dealer and the car still serviced by them until that too destroyed itself.
I cannot see what more I could have done by means of preventative maintenance.
Strange that the car was ok after the second replacement engine, a used one, fitted by my local garage and not by the main dealer.
Surely you should not have to suffer such problems with a "modern" car?
I now run a Honda by the way - enough said!

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