Indicators on the new Passat - tunacat
The indicators on the new Passat are not "easily visible enough".

The fronts seem too small, but the rears are really bad, especially in sunlight and if the brake lights are on.


Indicators on the new Passat - daveyjp
New Fiesta and Focus are just as bad. With bright sunlight and a reflective background to the lights all they do is shine sun in your eyes.

No doubt the manufacturers reposne would be:

We take your point, but they meet the Construction and Use Regs and you have to admit they look really pretty so who cares if the prime purpose of the reason for lights was totally ignored at the design stage.

Indicators on the new Passat - wickerman
How about the rear indictors on the new astra hatch? almost invisable in sunshine due to the fact that they are a milky white colour. Should they not be as visable as possable? they are conventional clear lenses on the estate, i wonder why?

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