People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Slightlyfatdirector
My brother needs a minimum 6 seat people carrier and has an absolute max of £7k budget.

It will be for a mix of adults and kids so small rear seats are not a problem.

He wants at least some boot space when fully laden with people and for this reason he has rejected the Zafira.

He has come to me for advice about what shortlist to build up.

I would have thought Galaxy / Alhambra / Multipla would do it, but what about others? Remember the budget as well.

Are there any estate cars within his financial reach that have the 'drop down extra seats in the boot' arrangement? I have seen this on older Volvo's and E class Mercs but what others? Can they be retro fitted to other cars for example?

The Multipla seems to be a very good compromise (despite its width being a bit of an issue in parking bays) but are they reliable?

His mileage will not be high therefore Petrol seems to be sensible due to the normally lower value of the cars.

His wife would prefer an Auto but they are happy with a manual if need be.

Any advice and recommendations?

People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - daveyjp
I know three people who have owned four Multiplas between them. One owner had a major problem with his turbo diesel from new. He had an idea of what was wrong and told the dealership, but they thought better. After many visits, changing major parts, faxes to the factory etc etc they decided to test his theory and he was correct. The turbo had been plumbed in wrong when the engine was built. Apart from this all four have been very reliable. The colleague with the problem swapped an Espace for the Multipla and he says it was just as roomy, but being shorter so much easier to park. If you want people and luggage capacity in a small package this is a sensible option for the budget.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - AngryJonny
I am informed that Toyota Previas still have plenty of luggage space when all seats are in use, as well as a reasonable drive thanks to their mid-engine configuration. Unfortunately, 7k seems to be too high for an old shape and too low for a new shape one.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - bignick
I have had volvos with the additional seating - its fine for small children but the limited legroom means they soon grow out of the seats (say around age 8/9) also obviously as soon as you deploy the seats your luggage space is gone.

I currently run a mark 1 Previa which is vast inside - 8 full size seats plus luggage space - would be well within budget although the fuel economy is nothing to write home about.

Biggest pain with the Previa is the single side door on the near side but on the other hand with kids this might be a benefit. Air con is an absolute must though as the huge glazed area makes the car a real greenhouse in the sunshine. I inadvertently left a cheap cigarette lighter on the seat and returned to find it had exploded!
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Slightlyfatdirector
Many thanks for these interesting ideas. I must admit I hadn't thought about the Previa.

I had forgotten to mention the Kia Sorento. Should this make it to the shortlist?
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - local yokel
How about a Honda Shuttle - quite the best looking of the MPVs, Honda build and relibility, but bit heavy on the petrol perhaps? Late ones (2000 on a V) fetch about £6k.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - y2k+4
I didn't realise the Sorento came with 7-seats...I thought that was the Sedona? If you can get a Sorento, I would definately consider it, it looks great and is excellent value for money. If you mean the Sedona People Carrier, I wouldn't until you've exhausted all other options...
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - PW
7K would get you a good Citroen Synergie, Peugeot 806. Put over 5000 miles onto my Picasso since May and hasn't missed a beat. Will be looking for a Synergie myself when the Picasso goes.

Not had any personal experience of Galaxy, Alhambra, Sharan- but don't they always come bottom of satisfaction surveys? Former neighbour had one, and was impressed though.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Slightlyfatdirector
You are quite right. My mistake. I meant Sedona.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Slightlyfatdirector
I had mentally decided against the 806 / Synergie as Iam aware of lots of gremlins with the electrics. Are the older models any good as far as general reliability?
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - PW
Not seen any reports about them- but for the Synergie have read some positive reader reviews from long term owners. Taxi driver who took us up to airport earlier in the year had an 806 and was complimentary about it. Seem to be quite a few used as taxis in my area- which to me is always a very good sign.

Although I have only had my Picasso for 3 months I do over 500 miles a week and it has been faultless so far. Only had 1 owner before me- and was a lease car for a property firm who kept if for 4 years- so assumption is they didnt have any problems with it either, so my own faith in Citroen has been restored following a disastrous episode with a ZX 10 years ago,
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - paulvm
Owned two Seat Alhambras without any problems. Took them both to just over 100,000 miles each.
Great family vehicles when I still had 3 children at home plus their friends!
Regular servicing is all they should need, so check for full service history.
I believe that there is/was an Alhambra diesel automatic, although I had the petrol versions.
Luggage space is limited with 6 inside but I used a roof box for major trips and holidays.
With 4 or 5 people then there is plenty of luggage room by tilting the back row of seats.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Slightlyfatdirector
I think the 806, Synergie and Fiat Ulysse were all made at the same factory where they not? Whose factory was it?

If they are the same and are all reliable then I would have thought the Fiat would have depreciated the most and be the better choice?

Is it not the same with the Galaxy, Sharan and Alhambra? Same car, same factory, different badges?

People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Xileno {P}
Some trim and engine option differences but basically the same vehicles.
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - Gromit {P}
All three - Galaxy, Sharan and Alhambra - were built at a VW owned factory in Spain and all, AFAIK, had VW parts -with the exception of Ford-built engines fitted to the Galaxy (?).
People Carrier - Budget of £7k max - wotspur
I had 3 Renault Espace's, before buying a New 'P' Peugeot 806, loved it, sliding doors at the back, great for getting kids in and out safely, and on the model I had electrically operated wing mirrors, saved losing them on a few occasions. Kept it for 160k miles before it started becoming a money pit.
Then returned to an Espace, because of higher spec and safety features, unfortunately read previous postings for unrelaibility problems I've had with mine
For that budget probably best to look for a Honda or you might get lucky with a Pug.

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